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Just realised programme about Sissinghurst was on at 8 . As I said one of my favourite gardens, but OH has secretly recorded it for me 

Sometimes he is so good 

Bunny ...
I have no idea about soaps . Paul o'grady and his dogs though fab.

Welcome Bunny----I am the late joiner as I live far away. Wine and chocolate--sounds good to me. if a tad early-it's just after 1 pm here.

Chuffed at losing 3.2 lbs this week---guess I'll pass on the chocolate, but will have a glass or two of wine with dinner to celebrate!

Just did a seed order-am going to try artichokes as ornamentals this year. Other thistles seem to grow well!

Miss Becks

Well, that's madam tucked up in bed. Bliss.

Inka, that's really good seeing as they reckon you put on weight when you pack in smoking!

I don't watch soaps either Bunny!

Talking of smoking, off to roll my ciggies!



Oh Inka - Well done, Go steady on the wine as well, 3 points a small glass

Celebrate with the seed order.

They say the thaw will come at the weekend, we are all hoping 

Caz W

Well done Inka .  How's the weather with you today?

Sue H
Well insomnia1973 why not get the electric cigs? Used to smoke loads. But not had one since November. Now all extra dosh off in ky garden x

Geoff I think we need a smiley face for 'fibs' as well


Hello Bunny, I joined this quite recently too. Don't live as far away as Inka, only France, our time is one hour ahead. 10.30 now.

Saw Bake-Off too. Eclairs are meant to come from here, but the ones they make where I live are very disappointing. Soggy pastry, sickly patisserie cream inside and chocolate icing - not real chocolate.

Bunny ...
Hello inka and well done on your loss.

It was thawing nicely here today ....snow sliding avalanche style off the roof , hope it continues I'm not a cold weather person brrrrr.
Sue H
Never mind "points" for a glass of wine. Have extra and walk and dig as fast as u can. Go red in the face and all is forgiven!
Bunny ...
Hello Busy Lizzie. Oh France how lovely , our dream for the future !

I bet even the French ones would be better than any I attempted, I like to bake but not keen to follow recipes hehe


Caz W

OH now singing "We're on our way to Wembley ..... "


Hello bunny I have also been watching baking

Geoff cannot believe you are watching more awards show

The Sissinghurst programme is a repeat, quite old, more about SR and her husband, did not do them any  favours in my opinion.



Caz are you Swans?

Bunny ...
I hope there will be a new baking series soon ...just to annoy OH !! Hehe

Is that Bradford he supports then ? Well done them .