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Bunny ...
In cakes and cups of tea
Deanos Diggin It

Just a recap!

Glyn's done one cause she can't stand going over the hill's in ice n snow! (Pleasant n safe journey Glyn!) 

Jo's still darning everybody's sock's apart from Geoff's who is worn out as he prances about with a "Fat Knacker" in a black leotard! 

Caz as been arrested on anti terrorist law's for getting on a bus with a backpack full of hardware!  

Jo's OH as had to book time off to go to see Doddy!  inKnottyland! in case the Diddy men abscond him! 

Gary's dug out his drive, but buried his nice red car in the prossess!  n can't get in his greenhouse cause the doors are frozen! 

Lottie is cold but has fat feet! 

Geoff's upset cause they used a picture of B'js igloo as a persona for his house sell! 

Beck's as had a shuffle n feels better for it! 

Oh! n Geoff say's France Stinks! Must be true! The dockers are "Banging" on about it" 

Think I have it covered! 



Miss Becks

Dean! Where did all that lot come from!



I think Deans been making notes! 


or is he taking up a musical instrument

Deanos Diggin It

Dean's been in bed since Sunday! With "Norma's Virus" 

Wait till I see her next in Morrisons! 

But back to normallity tomoz I hope! 



Went to the doctor about my hearing this morning-

-He asked what are the symptoms?-

-I answered-

-a yellow cartoon family

Miss Becks

Aaw Dean. Not good. Feel better soon!

geoff, that's stupid.


Went to a party on the moon-it was hopeless -no atmosphere

Miss Becks

We still haven't got that shaking head smiley!


I will take it as read

Two television ariels got married-the ceremony was awful but the reception was terrific.

Miss Becks

Stop it! They are awful!


Caz W

Has he stopped now?  Is it safe for me to come back in?

Deano!  You have been paying attention - top of the class

Miss Becks

That's more like it!! That would suit Deano better!


Instead of this anyway



I'm here. Cream crackered & the site going soooo slowly shant stay around.

Had my meeting in M/C this morning, did a bit of shopping & came home just as energy was beginning to go. Not done much this afternoon, managed to stay awake, but struggling now.

OH back home. Daughter cooked meal, I cleared up & then made them pancakes.

Will catch up with you all tomorrow morning. Night, J.