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Deanos Diggin It
Opp's! Realised my mistake! Knotty Ash!?.....Night all! Caz! I have had time on my hands!!

Just had a laugh at the cooking prog 

Hi Jo, Goodnight Jo

Now for silent witness, doesn't  make me smile though sometimes disturbs me a little

Bunny ...
Just watched the baking too.....funny . Watching restoration man now.
Sue H
Silent witness good. Just wish they were in one parters not two. Work till late on a Friday night Not same on I player.


Sue H
Large national supermarket!
Not tesco or asda

Yes, the groan was for Geoff's jokes.

Painted the bedroom ceiling today--a job I hate, but the non splatter roller I got works great! Really cut down on prep. Just have a sore neck--but a pristine ceiling. no more smoking in the house now.

I too am cream crackered--saving the walls for tomorrow--easiest part of the job.

Then new curtains and cushions-have the fabric all ready.

And so to bed.


'Morning all

Hope all well with you and yours - apologies for not being in touch but life has been somewhat manic.


Bunny ...
Good morning

Hope you all have a lovely day !!!
Gary Hobson

Morning Sasha, Bunny, and forkers yet to arise,

Another freezer last night, and lots of snow on ground. We might get some more today. But we're assured this is the last day of cold. Three days of warmth and sunshine on the way .

It's going to be squelchy underfoot.

Jean Genie

Morning all  No snow here yet but howling a gale and bitterly cold so thats 1 out 4 the forecasters have got right . Now waiting for rain, sleet and snow.  Hope you are right about the 3 days of warmth, Gary.

Dean. Hope you are feeling better soon . Tell Norah to keep her germs to herslf.

Need to feed the birds again - we seem to be overun with blackbirds. It wasn't long ago I was asking if anyone had seen any.


Good morning All.

The BBC news suggests that building snowmen will help prevent floods, so I hope you all going to be out there doing your bit

Cold here this morning, but as Gary says, it should be the last really cold day for a while. I hope so. I have got a friend coming tomorrow to stay overnight from Nottingham, just hope she can make it as we are having a friends and family get together for my birthday and are all going out for a meal to the pub in the next village. Nephew coming from London, but expect trains will be OK

Lots to do today, puddings to make for tomorrow evening, just having starters and mains at pub, then back here for puds, cheese and biscuits, and drinks I will be thinking of Bjay as she is doing the same thing.

What have I let myself in for.

Hope you all have a nice day and a belated welcome to all our new forkers



Night Inka. Morning Sasha, Bunny and Gary.

For those following my glittering stage career I have to report that I made an unscheduled appearance last night    Stage Manager opened curtains while we were still scene shifting and I had to get off quick. Unfortunately a snow-drift (wooden not water-based) barred my way and in my haste to get past I tripped over, fell on it and damaged it. The rest of the crew said it was hilarious  The local press were in to review the show

Hello Jean and Chris


Hi Flo,

Now thats what I call making an entrance. hope you didn't damage yourself.



Jean Genie

Oh Flo,  Sorry for laughing. That sounds hilarious ! Hope you didn't hurt yourself.

We have a famous forker.


Just a scraped leg and a bruised knee. I'm just hoping the reviewer will tactfully ignore my efforts 


Jean, it was. I laughed as well once I got off the snowdrift.


Tennis on Andy M won first Set

 Must get up


Morning all.

Slept wonderfully until guess what? The boiler started with it's morse code whistle, then got more persistant, so I stomped into bathroom to sort it out, before coming down to make cuppas etc.

Got beaten to bathroom by others so am now up, plus 2cnd coffee of day, still not dressed, but need to go out to birds, compost bin & a wheely bin, which is kept around the front side of house- not ideal in dresssing gown.

Back later. J.