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Hyperfarlycharlie, alias 'Ma' from the beeb! Bjay.

Hi Ma, J.


Downstairs now

Flo-golden rule of playing-do not bump into the scenery

Sasha nice to see you again -the search has been called off

Morning everybody else now-but Jo do us all a favour- get this bloody boiler fixed-cant take much more of this before I come up there and blow the flippin thing up.





Quite, Geoff  

Bunny ...
Been snowing past 2 hours here, hoped the forecasters would be wrong ! Not much planned today, awaiting customer arriving and a delivery , nothing exciting . Not a lot on tv today may need to have my fix of YouTube gardening programmes.

One set all now-come on Tim


Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Oh Flo, way to get yourself noticed!! Hope you didn't hurt yourself though.

jo, if that boiler is new, surely it's under warranty? It's been going on a while now! I'd be on the phone every day until they came out to it. It could be doing it damage, which might cost more if you've neglected reporting it.

Received a lovely parcel of seeds and goodies today! Now Jess wants to start planting them!


Morning all Forkers! There's now so many of us I'm struggling to remember everyone!

Geoff, Kate, Flo, Jo, Sasha, Chris, Glyn, Gary, Dean, Jean, Becks, Caz, Bjay, Lizzie, Pam LL, PPam, Inka, Nola, Dove, Flowerchild, Rain, Frank, Bunny, Ma, Sue. Anyone I've forgotten, please shout now! Memory not what it used to be!

Dean, hope you're feeling much better!

No snow forecast for here, I think it may rain later though, which will wash the remaining snow away. There's just a big patch outside my house!

Watched Silent Witness last night - OH kept asking questions - then I realised he thought we were watching a recording but we were watching it live, so had to tell him I knew as much as he did!!  

Pennine Petal

Hello forkers, greetings from Hong Kong. 21 degrees here, OH tells me it is snowing in Rossendale 6-12 inches expected! Just going for some dinner with my colleagues, so I thought I would send this phot to you seen in Hong Kong yesterday by my teachng partner.



 This fence is close to the hote and beautiful vertical planting.


Hello, Bunny, I amnot usually in Hong Kong, but in the NW too.

Catch up later



What seeds Becks-what are the Flynns growing this year?

I did ask the Potato Queen last week for early potato choices other that Charlotte -but that request got lost in the post

I wonder what time it is Hong Kong?

2-1 toMurray now-crucial point coming up

Miss Becks

Hey Glyn!!! Glad you got there safely!! That wall looks lovely!

Morning Lottie!

Geoff, every veg you can think of. After my dismal first attempt last year, sowing late and crappy weather, I am determined to do better this year! ooh and some strawb runners! Courtesy of Deano!


I know about the boiler being new, OH on the case!!

No snow here yet, but about 15+ miles south of Rossendale.

Our seeds arrived yesterday, except the runner beans & daughter's potato set up!

Back to some sewing. J.


oooh -lucky girly-nice to her good stuff in the post

Miss Becks

Soooo glad it's Friday! No going out for 2 days! Bliss.


Not coming to the party tonight then?


Miss Becks

Not unless it's a pyjama party, and transport is already arranged, and free!


I hope pyjamas can be provided


Sorry Geoff - forgot about the potato question. I will have to have a look and let you know later!

Good afternoon everyone been trying to catch up- there is a lot Hello to all our new Forkers
I have done the weekly shop - just having some lunch - homemade cream of celery soup and a cheese roll
Pam L Lx