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Miss Becks

Ah, Flo. You see, the thing is, um, I've actually clocked off for the day now, and am already in my jamas, and I don't work weekends. But I'm quite happy to pick up again on Monday! Fresh for the kill and all that!? Plus.. 'I think he may have twigged what we are up to!' You can still send the money though, for safe-keeping.


Becks, Becks

You just can't get the staff these days.

 Just put it somewhere safe


I am available, I could quite happily murder someone


Miss Becks

Money tucked away safely Flo. It is non-refundable, so if kate does the job, I'm afraid that doesn't affect our deal.


I will not need payment


Excellent news, Kate, I was looking for cover to the east. You're hired. Choose your own outfit.

I hope the ink didn't smudge on the notes, Becks, as you stashed them. Mwah ha ha ha ha 


Kate, if you 'accidentally' take out anyone else that's fine by me  Sounds like you've had 'one of those days'

Miss Becks

You do realise if something really does happen to Geoff over the next few days, and the police confiscate his stuff, to see if he had any enemies, we are so going to jail!! 


We could write a book and or TV series and make our fortunes

 Right, off to cook some veg...


... or should that be porridge



Must have hurt shoulder when I fell, aching like mad.

I see Geoff is still in trubble with Flo, Kate has had a bad day, Becks is picking up the pieces

Nice little party, they had put streamers and balloons around, someone was karaoke singing to the Sound of Music (not as bad as it sounds) Written her name in big letters above where she sits. Wine, sandwiches, cake. Took her a giant balloon with 90 on and tied it to her chair. An effort was made 

Next Door has been round, she is going to ave a puppy around end of April Not surprised.

She may have chairs


Blimey -those kids must be real terrors



Morning, Frenetic Forkers from Far and Wide

Envy you the HK  but not the UK weather--a little sun here, but it will be short-lived.

I may groan at Geoff's jokes, but don't really agree with bumping him off--at least not yet. Do have a shotgun, though. No ammo, but he doesn't have to know that.

More painting today, have cleared off the bookshelves in readines,s and that's piled on the bed, so no turning back now!


Inka, as long as he has a serious fright,a sweaty night and promises to never Ever EVER do it again I may relent. And I deliberately split that infinitive to show how much I mean this So there


Not goona happen -bring it on-I have an army



So have I


Caz W
sotongeoff wrote (see)

Infamy, infamy they have all got in for me

Poor me, poor me, poor me a drink