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I have had a hot chocolate and a danish and calmed down a bit, it is the parents and the drive home that wound me up.

Caz great idea

Deanos Diggin It

He! He! He! Your all Mad! But you have all had a fun day! n that's what matters! 

Glad Glyn arrived in HK safely! n enjoying by the sounds!  

Flo, Flo, Flo! Stop hitting the Flo!!  Hope all is well n nothing more but a bruised ego!

n Geoff! Your shafted! They are a gunning!

 n have you in their sights! 


Caz W

Hey Deano! You're sounding better tonight   Has the lurgy left you?

Deanos Diggin It

Yeah Caz!  Back to work this early morning! After being in bed since Sunday! Not on all four cylinders, but I'll get there! 

Oh! n tell the OH, The Bantams are gunna kick the Swan's bottoms out of Wembley!  Not I am sure you have any interest whatsoever! 

Caz W

Bantams versus Swans   - hope there's no fowl play



Groans loudly.

Still cant see the split infinitive Flo, that's really annoying me, but 2 glasses of vino always a mistake.

It's sort of rain/snow here now, which if it freezes wont be fun out on our road. Daughter has suggested she, plus me (?), goes up to supermarket on foot tomorrow as she, not me, is less likely to fall over. OH has had a couple of falls/trips in last few months & does admit to being a bit wary these days. I can donate him some food to take back with him on Monday even if we dont go out on Sunday either, J.


Miss Becks

Had omelette for dinner. Always a favourite.

Glad you've calmed a bit kate.


Kate you can have the day off tomorrow and a lie -in


That is very kind of you Geoff

Becks are you offering?


I like to help

Just taking a break from the injustice being served out to Tyrone-he is not the beater but the beaten


Parents used to get me as well Kate!

Cheese cake cooking, phone keeps ringing, am fed and watered - not alcoholic Becks

Plenty of falls and trips on here today Jo. Whoops!

Is Geoff in hiding now? 

Miss Becks

Yes kate. You just need to provide your own eggs!


Yes, you take care Bjay.

Geoff should be in hiding!!

About an inch of snow out there now. Wonder if we'll get any more?

Ok signing off now. CKlein on soon.

Night all. J.

Caz W
FloLongTail wrote (see)

to never Ever EVER do it again

jo4eyes wrote (see)

Still cant see the split infinitive Flo, that's really annoying me

It's bugging me too Jo!  My guess is that it should read "to do it never Ever EVER again" - even though it sounds wrong to me



Caz W

Ooh, thanks for the reminder - I'm off too!


GEOFF spoiler alert

Becks I know a man who has chickens

Bjay the sympathy is appreciated


What's all this talk about knocking Geoff off? He can't be knocked off when he's selling his house and looking forward to Spain. Will we be seeing any of the estate agents pictures?(especially the busy kitchen)

Was out all day yesterday and today. Today was friends' lunch postponed from last week. One of us has sold up and going back to England. Almost like a wedding with all the speeches about her. By the time I get to read what everyone has put it's bedtime.

Sorry about the leg Darren. My son did the same thing playing rugger. Will it need an operation? You should keep your leg up.

Hope Glyn enjoys HK. Are there any gardens there? The wall looked good.