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Morning Geoff.

I watched the last half of LYG too- hmm, end result nice, but yes, who will help her in future? Cost of the fencing though.....

Well the sun was out briefly very early on this morning, & I thought great, get car out & do lawn asap. No chance, it's been raining ever since that idea came to me! So Mrs Mop today which is fine as long overdue & am waiting on another parcel delivery. Apparently courier tried on monday afternoon when I was in, but in back garden mainly in betwen refilling the wheely bin which is at the front! No note, so am wondering if they actually tried correct house. Same number, 4 doors away, similar road name!! Well done planners! J.


Forgot to say- no sign at all yet of the little squirrel. Rain never deters it usually.J.


Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Another popper-inner here. Still raining on the Cornish Riviera. (I hope Kate is okay)

I saw a blackcap eating the last of the red currants,Jo. The blackbirds had the rest but thankfully they seem to leave the blackcurrants and raspberries alone.

Not many butterflies this year but I've seen glow worms and a lovely big grass snake under a sheet of corrugated tin. I managed to take a photo of the snake.When I've tried to put photos on here I get a message to say my file is too big. Do I need to go on a diet?

Lion S

Morning all,

Sunshine and rain are fighting for their position on this side of The Channel today. Normally we are in the dry corner so it won't be too bad I hope. Had planned to do some work in the front garden today.

Yes Geoff, the weekend has been the best in ages. Loads of fun and dancing and of course seeing family members that live on the other side of the country. 'Twas a bit like a reunion.     

No news of job yet....It won't be long before I'll ask you all to cross fingers and toes again.     


I do!!

Seriously Pam, Geoff should know.........

The SUN has appeared again! Lawn is soaking so yet another day to wait, maybe?

Now, do I risk putting the washing out? No, darkening again as I type! Anyway could miss that driver again- think will put note on door anyway saying am IN, so if any sense he, probably, will try ringing the bell again if no response from me initially. Darent even think about using the hoover as wouldnt hear bell then anyway. J.




Pam -you can upload the photo to photobucket than download it on here-when you are on photobucket copy the direct link "link"- paste that onto the external link part of the option when you click on the tree icon here-sounds long winded- but isn't and saves resizing-I use it all the time -if you get stuck let me know and I will talk you down


This is no good, was hoping to help my parents in the garden but the rain is way too heavy, so it looks like I may have to spend the day cooking.

Flowerchild happy to cross my fingers for you anytime.

Geoff, it is very difficult to roast a wet chicken.

I also watched LYG, I had special dispensation, I can only assume that once you apply and get the nod you do not do any work. My grandma would not let family help, she kept saying I am not old, I can do it and none of them were brave enough to just get on with it.


I have been to B&Q and was very,very good-they had reduced plants but resisted just got the wood I needed-now it is paining and can't do the job I had planned -might just be a 'orrible shower

Flower my bits are ready to be crossed- just give me the signal

Kate will be happy to get back to the balmy temperatures of the South East-there was a mention of a chance of grass frost tonight on the weather earlier in some parts of the UK -might have been Scotland-hope Jenny has the fleece at the ready

Jo- when you have done the mopping can you do the ironing-Mrs Geoff has gone swimming and there is a big pile here-ta

Gary Hobson

Having to stay in all day for a parcel delivery is really frustrating. It's an area where Amazon could do a lot to improve the customer experience.

You can track most carriers, but that normally doesn't tell you much more than the packet has left the depot.

I got a package last week, from Amazon, delivered by a company called APLE. They actually sent me an E-mail giving the precise hour-slot they would be delivering in. The delivery was bang-on. More companies need to work like that; it can be done.


I shall be very cross if it doesnt come until after 6pm, which has happened in the past. At leastTesco now send you a text giving you a further ETA within your delivery slot, so that narrows it down even further.

HUGE note on front door- just risked some washing out!

At this rate wont get the mopping done! No point doing yet anyway as will need to dash out to get washingback inside- you bet. This confuses me as tend to do kitchen first etc etc- old habits etc etc. Upstairs awaits. J.

Pottie Pam

, Thanks Geoff for the advice about the photos. I'll have a go. I just about managed to upload photos on the BBC site.

It must be frustrating waiting for parcels. My porch is always open so most drivers leave parcels in there for me or my son who lives next door.

Talking of parcels I sent for some dried lavender to make pillows etc. It arrived within a day from Amazon and I made a pillow yesterday. Lovely to wake up to the smell of lavender this morning..

Lion S

Kate, my Granny was like that,you know. In her younger years all the children had to help but as she grew older she insisted on doing it herself until she got to 92 when her brain started to go wooshywoo.

Sounds familiar Geoff. My front door also needs painting but because of the "unstable weather" ( our forecasters know how to cover themselves eh) I can't do it so this door has been "naked" from 29th March.

Jo, don't you get a shower detector  for your region via the computer so you can check when it will be raining? I check mine all the time these days. 


In the olden days in the land of black and white you sent off you order form with a postal order and then waited weeks for it to arrive-you had no idea if it had been sent and when it would eventually turn up- other than allowing 28 days for delivery-nowadays we are spoilt where we can actually track a parcel from A-B-yet we are still not happy-how did we cope before?

Unless you order free perennials of course

I am on a piece of elastic again-power tools in the rain-not a good idea?


Oh I do check the local weather updates through out the day- nerd!- but have increasingly found big discrepancies with all the forecasts.

Cant leave our porch door unlocked around here. Found myself thinking about late MIL who always left hers open. Wonder if SIL still does? My Dad, no, like me, didnt trust anybody!

The BG cold calling for OH started again- must remember to let phone just go to answer machine.

Mrs Mop going very slowly today, but am gradually doing other tasks as I realise that they've not been done, so suppose it's being of some use. Try again now. J.

Lion S

Power tools -  electric or petrol? Electricity and water =  not a good idea, petrol should be able to do the trick.

Jo, before we moved house I always had a check, check, double check before I went to bed; now we often find we haven't locked the back door or the garage at all -  we just tend to forget. We must be living in a safe street...                                           Normally I'm the same as you, I do not trust people very quickly



Just finished with the power tools and there was a bit clap of thunder-there is a dirty great big black cloud to the East so am hoping it stays there I am in a sunny spell.

No waiting for help to re-erect the chicken pen cover-any takers?


Can you sort out my chicken pen while you'e waving those power tools about please? Its getting to be a bit of a quagmire in there, and the girls aren't allowed out to play at this time of year because they eat all the stuff I'm growing in the garden. Its normally not a problem!

Local weather updates seem to be very inaccurate for here. A big black cloud is approaching. I had to go out and do a delivery this morning and the heavens opened when I was going down the motorway. Delightful - torrential rain and spray.

Had a parcel delivered recently for stuff ordered from ebay and the delivery company sent a mail with the time slot of one hour for the delivery - very helpful! I'm waiting on a delivery from Amazon - birthday present for OH, but no. 2 son is at home to receive it (I hope!)

I watched LYG and agree, money no object. Unrealistic for most of us!


The chickens are now in the alternative run and munching on grass and have turned the quagmire/Somme patch over- full of worms -the chickens don't know what they are missing-have made new improved supports for the tarpaulin.

I am now in an amber warning area for heavy showers this afternoon-eek

My services are always available for very odd jobs-reasonable rates charged


Right job completed- they are back under the canvas

Since the amber warning it has been dry-I would like an amber warning every day please