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Bunny, there are clever bods on here who are good at explaining how to do stuff like profile pics. And eventually you will be taught, persuaded and cajoled into doing it.

Have a great day Becks.

Sue H
Morning all. Has snowed here lots. Just going out to clear car. Has about 10 inches on it! (Much like the road) No snow plough or gritter here.
Need trip to shop as cat food out! Sick of tripping over them. They have won

Morning Sue. Presumably cats have little furry watches, like dogs do, so they know to the minute, when they should be fed

Gary Hobson

If you click on your own profile image, that takes you to your profile page. Then, over the image on that page, it should say 'EDIT'. Click on 'EDIT' and it opens up a window, where you can specify an image on your computer that you'd like to use. That can then be uploaded.

You can also get to your profile page from 'My settings', under your name at the very top right of any screen.

Oakley Witch

Morning folks. I have to say, I always have a wee nose to see whats goin on but dont always post in here but you lot are just mental, yi all need sectioned with straight jackets. I had tears at one point reading the comments lol 

Geoff...Valencia? Look out for a blood red head in bike leathers this year then hehe

Flo, love your style, must be taking notes 

Whats the plans for everyone today? Cat got me up early doin the waggle dance on the door 



Morning all

Son just text - lives in Leeds - says no way can get here but will reassess at lunch tme. When I saw weather reports last night and I did wonder

Big cook in today. 

Hope everyone will play nicely today. Will pop in every now and again to check

Oakley Witch

Morning Rosa, I had to read that twice there  Still early lol


Jean and Flo what difficult nights you have had, I wish I could offer a helping hand.

I have sunshine, the clematis and begonia seeds have arrived so I am going to fire up the propagator today


Hello Sam.

Bjay, fingers crossed.

Oakley Witch

Morning Kate. There seems to have been alot of these heated propagators purchased lately. My brain is thinking now 


Sam I do not have a greenhouse, so the propagator allows me to potter indoors, but I do have to use every window sill in the house.

Oakley Witch

Yeah, mine are the same. Every spot taken and caution when opening curtains. Think I might invest in one of these props though


Am here properly now

Just had a walk round the estate-lots of green shoots- appearing delphiniums are shooting as well-have scattered slug pellets just in case-big birds are lying in the sun it is not Spring but it feels like it- thermometer is showing 10C

With a bit of good fortune Jean and Sue it will all be clear in 24 hours

Flo is this the damage from the tree last week-slates loose?

I am saying nothing Kate


Green shoots???  Mine are all covered with another thick layer of snow 

And I've just realised, I forgot to make a fleece tent over the tarragon - will the fact that it's in the lee of the rhubarb forcing pot be enough to have saved it do you think?


Bunny ...
I shall try on laptop iPad just seems to bring up way to upload from Facebook which I'm not on :?
Small snow hike measured against OHs welly on return home, forest has 16inches , hilly but got some lovely pics, doggy is worn out I tried to do an angel (lay in snow) but doggy thought would be better to leap all over me....I hadn't though it through! A man with photography gear came plodding along obviously with same idea. Melting fast so a coffee then some snow shovelling and a snowman to build .

Green shoots Geoff ???? Wow , when I find the plants and shrubs under the snow I shall have a look.

Heated propagator hmmm . Thnk it will remain windowsills here.

We've got a fieldfare in the back garden - he's taken up sentry duty over the chopped apples I put out for the blackbirds 


Bunny-when you click does a green browse box come up?-next to blue facebook option?click on that-it should bring up your picture files

Bunny ...
No just the Facebook option comes up . Must be iPad .
Bunny ...
Hehehe field fare , we have no birds : (