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Bunny ...
Of course it is Geoff ..
hollie hock

Afternoon everyone, been on a little jaunt to pick up a worktop style cooker. Working perfectly and in really good condition £20! I love a bargain.

Going to enjoy warm baguettes, bacon & brie and settle down to Afternoon drama on BBC 4- Animal Farm.


Bunny ...
Ooh lovely Hollie hock , a bargain and some lovely food !!! Perfect .
hollie hock

hi bunny, OH getting to grips with it

Bunny ...
Hi (waves) .....even better OH getting to grips, off and put your feet up !!! Hehe



Call the cooker- spaniel

Bunny ...
I was til your humour kicked me down

hollie hock

Already planning new meals to cook, only had a hob before. PIcked up some great stuff off free cycle and gum tree lately

Gary Hobson

Have just completed my initial feasibility assessment for bird counting. I sat in the greenhouse, in the sun , for half an hour to see what was happening.

Most birds I spotted were wood pigeons - 10 in a tree.  Came inside to consult the fine print of the rules (part of my feasibility assessment). Rules say "please only count those birds that land within your garden - not flying over".

Now I'm a bit confused. Birds flying overhead are certainly disenfranchised. But does landing in a tree on the boundary count as landing IN my garden.



Geoff does your cooker have a name

This afternoon I will be attempting cheese and leek pasties.


I call the wind Maria

Just bought 2 more eggs in another full house-the girls done good

Gary if you shoot the pigeons and they land in the garden then count them-Lord Sugar- I am your Apprentice.

Kate do you have a guinea pig?-would you like a guinea pig?


I do not do pets


Caz W

Afternoon all.  Lots going on here today.  Sorry to hear about your awful journey Jean, bet it was a relief to get back safely.  Flo - hope you get your leak sorted without too much hassle.

Well done all Bird Watchers. Glad you managed OK too Darren - did mine this morning.  Most regulars were there but only 6 sparrows around and now there are 25.  Saw a thrush too which was unusual for our garden.  Gary - I think if they are on the boundary you can count them.  I do because I know the people next door don't like birds so won't be taking part 

Hope all going smoothly with you BJay - you seem a bit calmer today

Lovely pictures Bunny and well done to Geoff's chooks



Hi all.

Lots of snow came down overnight. If the rain doesnt wash it off the front OH is going to have to dig his car out for monday morning. Blowed if I am going to do it.

Daughter & me walked up to the mayhem that is our local Morrisons' this morning. Didnt need much but had no intention of using car, 2 rucksacks fine. Builders were spotted going into nearby cafe for breakfast/snack. Cars sliding around, carpark/access road not been gritted, people driving stupidly etc etc.

Daughter sort of doing birdwatch, but they've all b*****d off!

Been downloading bits for my Kindle. Problem is if I want all the complete books I've sampled, no £ left on my card-oops.

Now shall catch up J.


Geoff you did not say it was a prize winning, performing guinea pig