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Bunny ...
All safe I think rosa, I'm still here battling the rubbish tv again. I'm waiting for iplayer , the I an plug self in and escape .

Pleased son and family arrived.... Enjoy them !

I may do bird watch tomo .

RUBBish Tv for sure!

Amazing how a baby changes - even since Christmas yet not really remember from own children 

Tomorrow even more 'stress' and chaos.

present count 3 dogs (scream) still earlier it was 4, ours is the humpiest of the lot

Hoping some won't come


I have moved on to Lewis.

Bunny ...
Hehehehehe rosa pleased I only have the one dog to deal with, and she sees to,herself ...lady of the house we are her servants **rolls eyes**

We are now on South Park haaaaaa
Bunny ...
Is that a new Lewis Kate ? I'm waiting for mad dogs returning .



It is from the latest series, I have been slow to watch them.

Bunny ...
I haven't seen any since the morse days
Sue H
Greetings from not now so snowy land.. Haircut and full day at sweatshop. Cats now suitably annoying. Not tripping over them any more. Poor Rupert and Saskia! (Little dears)
Have recovered from last nights 2am sledging. Seemed like a good idea. Not so today while trying to concentrate at work. =)
Bunny ...
Evening sue ...haircut ? What's it like ?
Eeek 2am sledging ...mad woman ! Hehe
I trip of a huge lab never mind anything smaller

2m sledging! sounds such fun but now body won't take it. 

Off to bed now   Night

Bunny ...
Not sure my body would take 2pm sledging
Sue H
Not sure my body is that up to it. Promised myself I would be more spontaneous and take the moment!
Was really good fun though. Only here once
Bunny ...
Good for you I applaud your efforts, I agree we have one life ..

......I would have required ropes , shackles, chair lifts the lot...OH calls me ""mountaineer mummy"" (our dogs mummy that is) , I struggle on Tarmac not to trip !!! And we are hills , forests, hills, forests, hills ,.........



Hello, Frivolous Forkers--guess you've all gone to bed.

Finished the bedroom today--new paint, new duvet cover, new cushions and curtains. Quite girly for a change--white walls and flowered curtains--lavender, pale blue and white. Very crisp and non-nicotine clean. Even the dog's beds got washed!

Off to television land--watching Vera later this evening. Can't remember whose books it is based on, but think I've read at least one. New Ian Rankin book for afters!

Gary Hobson

Morning wet-and-squelchy forkers,

Rosa carriola wrote (see)

Tomorrow even more 'stress' ....

Yes, Andy's match. Five hours of anxiety and tension and tears (one way or the other), and starting soon.

Have had two extra weetabix. I expect Geoff will be getting dressed in tennis shorts, etc.

Rosa carriola wrote (see)

.. when I looked mid afternoon were 5 wood pigeons and none of the usuals...

It was the same here yesterday afternoon - just lots of wood pigeons. I think morning would be a much better time to take a headcount. But how I can spend an hour bird-watching, while watching Andy at the same time. Maybe I'll just have a peek at the birds between matches.

Edit (8.35am) TV schedules have been altered. This is now on BBC1. Andy has just come onto court.

Morning forkers, am just surfacing. Will do birdwatch today. Must find a cup of tea first. Was very windy out just now but seems to have calmed down a bit now.

Bjay hope the party goes well!
Jean Genie

Morning all  Nice surprise this morning , looked out of window and nearly all the snow has gone. Talk about a rapid thaw. It did rain last night but didn't expect that lot to shift in a hurry but I'm not complaining..

Still raining now but there is something round and yellow in the sky trying to show its face.

Didn't think much of that film last night. The Grey. Thought Kingdon of plants far more interesting.

Have a good day , each and all.

Bjay, Have a lovely day with your family.

Sue H
Morning all. Weather a bit wild here. All snow gone. Now ground very wet. Stopped raining and blue sky now. Hopefully will dry out a bit. Think I need a trip to garden centre for inspiration!