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Deanos Diggin It

Phew! Reprieved! 

Shall go to Church next Sunday n light a candle! 


That would be a candle -not a handle or zandle

Miss Becks

I have some candles for you!! Blingy ones!


Deanos Diggin It

n I have Bread! Not white or brown! Hovis or Warburtons!

Nice Bread!




Do not try toasting it-it dont work


Miss Becks

No, I suspect the butter would run a little.


of Manchester here.

To whoever asked, yes it's a condensing boiler.

Totally stuffed- have eaten, & drunk, far too much & I bet they want to weigh me at the hospital tomorrow.... Not even sure if the jeans I wanted to wear will fit!

Daughter is clearing/cleaning up! About 'b' time too. J.

Deanos Diggin It

Looks like we exhausted that one! 

Right Guy's! I had big plans today! But got a coffee n found my OH had shoved my GW mag in the Study {Was wondering why it was late) n on different shifts this week I was not alerted! 

Once coffee poured, mag in hand, have done now't but read n whatch back to back A to Z of gardening, caught up with allotment wars n also watched Carol in "Glebe Cottage" 

It's been a lazy day! But much enjoyed! 

Catch you all later! 

Miss Becks

It was Dean who asked jo. Your daughter is cleaning up?? What's she after?

Later Dean!

Caz W

Evening all!  Well, the last few pages have been confusing - why does that happen when Dean appears . Flo's annals gave me a turn but the hag looked rather nice (thought Mr. Tumnus looked very nice too).

Well, after yesterday's birdwatch when 6 sparrows were present and today there were 25, a Great Spotted Woodpecker (never had one in the garden before) was seen eating from the fat ball feeder .  Where was he yesterday???

Went for a bracing walk down the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust and saw Mike Dilger (usually doing wildlife bits on the One Show).

I think Kingsmill bread makes the best toast and I have tried and tested many


Deano's "Diggin It" wrote (see)

 got a coffee n found my OH had shoved my GW mag in the Study

Is that a euphemism for where the sun don't shine?

Caz W

Here's Deano in his Study studying his GW Mag.



Jean Genie

Evening  See you've all been having fun  

Flo, I think the pics are great but would have liked to see more of the red streaks  Costumes look really good.

Any one tried Polish bread ?  It makes great toast  

Been making plans for the garden today. Want to make a few alterations in Spring and put some more wiring in for the other water feature. Have discovered I'm not that good at drawing but think OH has the gist of it.

There are stumpy snowmen wherever you look around here

Bunny ...
Evening all

Ohhh my lots going on today I see .
Time for feet to rest, walked doggy in freezing cold wind brrrrr icy , stil slippy slushy muck. Why hasn't it all gone yet .
Just haing a green tea and sampling a slice of my cake made today , already had thumbs up from doggy and OH .... Better throw another log on burner too.
Miss Becks

Caz! That looks a bit formal for deano!

This is really his study!



More sporting shocks, Liverpool lose to Oldham and Spurs lose to Leeds, what is going on today?

I still do not have cake.