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Bunny ...
Would you like some cake ? :0
Jean Genie

Evening kate , I'm not a sporty person so can't answer that one.

I have creme eggs.


There was a party so I was hoping for cake

Bunny ...
Oh dear have some cake ...***hands over some cake***

Mmm creme eggs, I too have one in the fridge .
Thought having eaten cake, had an options hot choc and a mini magnum I should wire my mouth up tonight !!!!
Jean Genie

Maybe Bjay will save you some.  Wonder how it's going ?



Prepare for a big sporty upset in Mancester soon


Thanks for the cake and eggs

Geoff what are you predicting?????


Wednesday Kate-put the tenner on the local team-by Thursday Rodney we will be millionaires

Jean Genie

I am predicting a divorce if Ultimate Force is on for much longer.

Miss Becks

Jean, have you watched Sinister yet?

Jean Genie

No, Becks is it good ? Not heard of it.

Miss Becks

It's another paranormal/horror film! Huge good reports from everywhere, people walking out the cinema it was so scary, blah, blah. Watched it last night, and didn't think much of it. See if you can google the trailer.

Did watch the trailer for 'Don't be afraid of the Dark' though. That looks good!

Jean Genie

Just saw the trailer on Utube Becks. Think I'll investigate.

His turn for tele tonight. I watched The Grey last night - wasn't impressed.

Miss Becks

There's another one coming out that looks good as well, called 'Mama'


Plans went to pot today - had a text to say the scout hut had been trashed, so son no. 2 and I went up there. There were loo rolls all over the place outside, including hanging from the trees, paper towels all over both toilets, a pile of something disgusting in the ladies, beer and coke cans and smirnoff ice bottles everywhere, salt and flour from the kitchen scattered everywhere, loads of mud trodden in mixed with whatever had been spilled, various breakages and two interior doors damaged. Turns out a 16 year old had got hold of a key and invited lots of mates for a party, unbeknown to parents. It took 8 of us two hours to clear it all up. His mother arrived when we'd almost finished the clear up and wasn't even very apologetic. 

Then I came home and did some painting! 

Didn't get round to the birdwatch!



Oh Lottie what a mess, thank God there were 8 of you. I was just thing of cake when I read that and wishing I had some. Doesn't matter now.Gone off it.

Did have a Snickers ice after lunch though as they don't sell creme eggs here.

Pennine Petal

Morning all, hope I didn't put the mockers on Andy, it was just the first set he had one.

No teaching today, going out to Stanley Bay. A little beach, no smog, a market, so stuff to buy. We'll have lunch and then come back to the city. Going on the bus, always an experience out here. Buses, trams and taxis everywhere. Constantly doging people on the pavements. They are very focused on where they want to be, best not to get in there way or you might end up in the gutter.

Love you and leave you, will catch up later.


Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Did birdwatch yesterday. I did the 9-10 slot while the birds were all turning up for breakfast.

Dry at the moment, but wet-wet-wet forecast for the next several days. The ground is already saturated and waterlogged from all that snow. Not much  chance of doing anything constructive outside.

Jean Genie

Morning forking folk,

Rain here as well . Don't really mind as long as that's the end of the white stuff. Amazed how quickly it melted yesterday considering how much there was of it.

Got a few boring jobs to do around the house today. Had a rather lazy weekend.  Haven't been outside yet as the birds have still got food from yesterday. Maybe they are fed up with takeaways and want a nice juicy worm.

That must have been dreadful Lottie. Will they be charged with criminal damage ? I would give them the choice of replacing the doors and a new paint job or report them to the police.

Bunny ...

Morning all

Ohhh lottie and mum wasnt even apologetic..thats rubbish!!

Bad foot today, needs rested so OH away with doggy hoping he returns to report all snow has gone. Few more birds in the garden this morning and a pheasant where were they yesterday whilst counting birds...hmmmmm.

Some boring work stuff this morning then i think i shall rest up and get on with my quilting effort....whilst scoffing cake ...must stop baking !