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Gary Hobson
Jean R wrote (see)

... the birds have still got food from yesterday. Maybe they are fed up with takeaways and want a nice juicy worm. ...

I noticed that some food had been left over from yesterday on my birdtable too. That would not have happened last week.

They might be busy doing other things - looking over potential properties for nest building, and associated activities.

Bunny ...

They seem to be feasting in the trees here. I hope the sparrows dont nest under our tiles again grrrrr, was like sparrow towers in the summer shortage of them here. need the roofer to return and secure the areas and fix the roof.

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Lottie, that is awful.

Will be nice to walk to nursery in normal conditions today.


Morning all. Quite icy this morning and some drivers were taken by surprise it seems. There was a road closed on our normal route in, due to an accident. That meant a long detour and bad traffic so OH was late for work, but he phoned in as soon as we saw there was a problem.

The 'party' culprits will be getting a bill for the damage, and the headmaster of the school will be informed - most of the kids involved were from the school in the village. They will also be asked to clear up the mess outside - we would have done it but didn't have a ladder. The police have been informed but they didn't attend as at the time we spoke to them we didn't know if they had had permission to be there - turns out they didn't have, and had taken the key without the mum's knowledge. But they asked us to keep hold of a few objects with hard surfaces that they could fingerprint if we wanted them charged with trespass and criminal damage. Not sure we will go down this route, but it does seem that kids these days have no accountability.

Its dry here at the moment and I'm hoping it stays dry at least until lunchtime - a visit to the plot is long overdue!

Pennine Petal

Morning/afternoon forkers, just back from Stanley bay, had a meal in a German Beer Hall which was on top of a Chinese Martimie Museum, strange as it sounds. Very nice trio of creme brulees, orange, pistachio and hazelnut. Lovely but not very German. Starting to go dark here now or is it the block of flats in front of me? Bought some presents too.

Off to the Business lounge for tea and snacks shortly.

Hope you are all keeping dry.



Miss Becks

Had to look twice at that then Glyn! Thought you said they had a Marmite museum!


Morning forkers all.

Have just typed a post out, quote and all then it disappeared  Don't know what I did wrong. It wasn't that illuminating so I'm not going to redo it.

Lottie, what a shame, I hope the miscreants make suitable redress.

Right, better get up off my annals and make the most of the dry morning.



Morning chaps

Late on parade -had a bit of catching up to do on this and that-walked around the estate-grass is very soggy-as Scotty would say "she canna take any more Captain"

Lottie-the little sods-I trust retribution will be swift

I want to go to the Marmite museum-please take me- in Bruges they have a chip museum-didn't go in

Miss Becks

Chip museum?? Would have thought they'd go mouldy after a time!

Gary Hobson

The largest Marmite Museum is in the US.

"The collection is a broad spectrum of plastic-top jars, toy trucks, cookbooks, stuffed animals, thimbles, toast racks, advertisements, and wearing apparel: socks, t-shirts, aprons, and sweatshirts - with the oldest item (1930's) having been excavated from a rubbish dump in Wales."


Morning all

I'm here. Thanks for all kind comments yesterday that I have just caught up on. 

Bunny -Bjay and Rosa are the same person -- ME

Still waiting for help with the washing up! Kate there may be cake and food later keep checking cyber lockers.Great time  had by all. Newest member of family has been appraised and found tearful.  Another new member of family also appraised, and found very tall, and quiet. She probably isn't just a bit amazed by what she is marrying into He hE (most of us have a tendency to be short)

Talk later - more washing uo

Miss Becks

Glad all went well Bjay!!

Love both the museums!


Catch up.

Sorry about scout hut Lottie - out of view and knowledge of parents....

Watched Murray as preared.

Still didn't have enough chairs fortunately everyone thoght is was funny but all sat down in end M seemed to enjoy herself but had enough by time taxi came to take her back.

Christmas tree blown over in winds so have rescued that and lavetera is broken I guess by weight of snow but Jo has told me it needs to be cut down any way. Few snowdrops visible but I thought I had more 



I have food for later!


So we get all the left-overs and half-empty bottles?


Yep - but no half empty bottles -ask Becks!

Salmon fish cakes for tea as well. (left overs)

Have a large bowl full of peas though! Microwaved them and then left them in microwave and OH found them at Tea time. Always forget something It's my trade mark part of coming to us - What has Bjay forgotten this time

Miss Becks

Half empty bottles? At Bjay's house?? Don't be daft!

Miss Becks

Ha ha ha. Bjay! We posted the same time!