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 took about 20 seconds-might be the connection Bjay

Deanos Diggin It

Hi Everyone!

Lottie! That is a real bummer!  n totally agree with Geoff! These youngster's should be brought to task! They just seem to have no respect for anybody or anything! n the fact the parents just seem to shun it is an absoloute discrace!

On the soap box! I totally blame the do-gooder's! There is no way in my youth I would have got away with anything like that! I'd have got a right welting! 

Rant Over! 

Jean Genie

Dean, Agree totally.  It comes to something when your kids can sue you for giving them a slap ! Never did me any harm,

Think my African violet 's had it. Tried to re-pot it and a piece of root has fallen off.  I'll keep it warm and wait and see.



Taking ages and then I get whoops thing.  Won't upload 

Sorry you must all be getting hungry

Jean Genie

Any chance of you sliding a salmon fishcake in as well Bjay ?



Try leaving it till later when internet traffic is lighter-it will do for tomorrow's brekkie


Hmmmm - maybe late supper?


Hmmmm - maybe late supper?

Having a job to get you all cake sorry Jean


Hmmmm-been eating onions Bjay?


I's here!

Bjay, well done.

Lottie- just throw the book at them, if you can do. It's about time the kids today, & their parents, learnt responsibility. Also that not everyone can be top/come first- .

Horrendous journey to hospital this morning. Finally got parked about 15mins walk away & ended up very late for appointment. Dozy main reception staff, who seemed to think my appointment was fiction (wrong word, but brain not working). They couldnt find my notes & grudgingly gave me more directions to correct dept, where total difference in attitude.

Yet another female doctor who wanted to know where I got my bright pink coat from. Scan last week was better than previous, but my weight oh dear........ Practically discharged from that dept., but will need to see my consultant, or her team sometime soon. Arranged for that appointment to be still at that hospital, despite the lack of parking, as the alternative would be horrendous....

Had lunch at M&S & did a bit of food shopping, but too shattered to do more. Back home, rested, then back out to wash the car, in the rain as you do.

Another hospital clinic tomorrow........

Going to do pasta now. J.

Bunny ...
Ohhhh it's wild out there . Wood burner blasting I shall no doubt end up cooked shortly, oh well.
What a day Jo , hospitals never the best ! Like the sound of the pink coat

I see you are in salford, my family's from there changed a lot since then though.

Better go make tea ....
Deanos Diggin It

Jo! While ya here! Don't run off! Your boiler problem may continue for ever and a day! You said it is a condenser! Unfortuanatly a condenser works on a fan based system which believe it or not, whistles while in motion! We had one fitted 2 years since when I move back with Mum when she was given the nod to go get comfy n see her days out! 

Ya gunna get me a red card from Geoff yet! 

n ours whistles! was advised at the time! But they are far more ecconomical! So I defeated the object by having it fit in a cupboard n proper insulated it to dampen the sound! Soz to be the bearer of bad new's! 

Bunny ...
Whistling condensing boiler ? Ours doesn't whistle :/
Deanos Diggin It

Bunny! You have not invested in a proper WHISTLING! condensing one then!  


Dean, just got home and found Santa's been!!!

Jo, why on earth wash the car in the rain? Relax!!

I think the school headmaster will take them to task - good school with a good reputation to uphold - he won't be pleased that pupils have been causing havoc in a community building. Don't think the parents will do much though. 


Bunny ...

OH says we can't have a singing one ..hehe

Evening ! Just been trying to catch up - Lottie I hope the headmaster  throws the book at the little monsters - are they from the school that begins with the letter G?

Pleased everything went well bjay

Take it a bit easy Jo

Pam LL x

Deanos Diggin It

Jeez! Lottie!

Posted that over a week ago!  But glad ya have it! n all intact hopefully! 

Deanos Diggin It

Bunny! Believe me! Ya don't want one! Although money saving! Dun half piss ya off on a Sunday morning when house is empty!  

Miss Becks

Am pleased to announce plum crumble is a hit!!! I made 4, so have 3 to freeze! Good job! Jess is loving it!! Thanks for the earlier advice girlies!