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Try posting a picture you have posted before-like the wheelbarrow

Caz W

Glad you're looking after us Becks - we were all starving waiting for BJay 

We've got a back boiler - it's a bit noisy but it doesn't whistle or wake us up



Miss Becks

Just for you bunny!

I am going in the bath. Bjay, get it sorted for when I get out!! I want my nibbles!

Bunny ...
Awwwwwww thank youuuuuuuu .....mmmmmmm
****runs to corner to scoff scoff SCOFFFFFFF****

Enjoy ya bath

Geoff- sad sack? Who watched Raggy Dolls then?

Right Geoff- look away now-  OH going to phone up about the boiler!! It's almost as if it's the pipes on/in the one side wall that are vibrating. Not helped by daughter's bed being against that wall & her hearing being better than mine, but I can hear it too. Did it again earlier on......

Dean- boiler already in a cupboard. We have a back boiler still in situ, non functional now , that had given us brilliant service, despite neglect, for 20+yrs until late last autumn. That made an horrendous noise when the metal expanded/contracted, but we were used to that. I grew up with a back boiler too & there was one here when we moved in. To replace them nowadays is at least £1000 more than cost of the other sorts.

Whoever queried about car washing in the rain? When you're on a water meter it saves a whole bucket of water!

Have just watched A-Z of gardening, on i-player on daughter's pc. That, coupled with the arrival of another seed/plant catalogue earlier today, has had both daughter & me drooling....... I hope to get to visit her house & garden soon.

Right, another early start tomorrow. Was thinking of walking down to hospital, but not after the forecast. Night all, J.



 WEll started up loading htis on receipt of your message Geoff at 20.15 Still not complete  Has to be the speed doesn't it but at least I haven'y had that whoops thing



 WEll started up loading htis on receipt of your message Geoff at 20.15 Still not complete  Has to be the speed doesn't it but at least I haven't had that whoops thing



Onions again

It probably is then the speed of your internet connection-as it is a new provider it sometimes takes a short period to settle down-give it a few days and if it doesn't improve-call them

There is a speed test you can do that gives you upload and download speeds -Becks I think has a link.


Now you've had it twice AAAARGH


Hooray, a pink wheelbarrow for me and Bunny and Jo etc, but not Becks because she's a computer person, not Geoff because he's a token male.

Bunny ...
Fab barrow though ! Jealous !

Ohhh now that's how I will visualise Geoff now...sad sack

Our Internet is usually really slow at night here.

My OH has bought himself a bright yellow wheelbarrow from Brico-depot. I really need a pink one.


Bunny I have a photo of my rustic trellis but will post it on that thread if I can ever manage it again 

Miss Becks

Look on the bright side jo! At least you know that in the summer, it will be quieter as you won't be using it so much! Keep beating him with a stick until he does it!


Jean Genie

Cyber menu -

Salmon fish cakes

Birthday cake.

Plum crumble.

Suppose one out of 3 ain't bad.

And a sad sack to put everything in !


Fish cakes were eaten Jean 

Jean Genie

I've sent for my Taccas today so wish me luck.  Couldn't decide which one so I've sent for all 3   Read a lot about them today so I'm pretty clued up - just a matter of putting theory into practice now.

I'm very impressed with Anglian bulbs - I got a lovely covering letter with the catalogue and if they fail I'll get new ones next year. Also some free bulbs with every order.

Bunny ...
Sounds good jean !! Exciting stuff.