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Good Morning

I thought it might be Lottie - hopefully they will think again before they do anything like that.

Crumble looks yummy

I do love that pink wheelbarrow - I want one

I had to send my article in yesterday for next weeks issue - the format of Garden News is changing to a glossy magazine like most of the other gardening mags.

Our two youngest Grandchildren are coming for tea today  while Son and DIL go to the parents evening - menu is Lasagne ,peas and garlic bread followed by a 99 ice cream- I know they enjoy  all that

Weather forecast is rain so probaly won't get in the greenhouse today

Have a lovely day

Pam LL x


Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Temperatures of +12 forecast for here to today

, plus rain all day

Here are some snowdrops just coming out, that I snapped yesterday afternoon...

That image took about 4 seconds to upload. The size of that image is '900 pixels' wide, and 145 Kilobytes.

The image of BJ's pink wheelbarrow is 2560 pixels wide, and 2.35 Megabytes. (Almost as big as the real whllebarrow ). There are two of them, making 4.7 Megabytes or 4700 Kilobytes. That's 30 times the size of the snowdrops. And they would also take 30 times as long to upload, or download.

Upload times are always much slower than download times. There is a speed checker at

I've just tested my own connection (BT Broadband on old copper cables). The download speed was 6897kbs. The upload speed was 928. So it was taking 8 times longer upload than to download.

Deanos Diggin It
Morning Pam & Gary
and to all else once arrived!

Pleasantly warm out today, but heavy rain forecast! : (

Porridge n coffee time!

Have a good day!
Pennine Petal

Morning all, just come back from lunch, teaching and 6 so thought I would catch up with you.

Lots of French type deserts here in ittle patisseries, no crumble, rhubarb my favourite.

Pretty wheelbarrow pictures and snowdrops coming up. Will be time for the snowdrop walk at Bank Hall between Southport and Preston.

Beautiful day here, clear blue sky and around 22 degs. There is a swimming pool here, but forgot cozzie and it is overlooked by all the blocks of flats so a no go area for me.

Bags under my eyes getting bigger and circles getting darker, I'll be glad to sleep in my own bed again. The beds here are like hardboard.

Bunny ...
Morning all

Haha very geeky, I went to check ours and got this message

Sorry - My Broadband Speed is currently experiencing technical difficulty and may display misleading test results. Thanks for bearing with us while we fix things. hope.

It's coming lighter on a morning woohooooo. Rain forecast and more gales here
Some work stuff then garden plans for me , I have a funny spot between OHs shed and my greenhouse that needs something done with ...and the back corner hmmm.
Wish I could do more building stuff myself without hassling OH hehe.
I still want to make fake window and shutters for that shed , nice to see from kitchen with my tall cosmos and baskets. ....that's the theory.

Onwards with today...


Bunny ...
Ps great snowdrops !
Jean Genie

Morning everyone  Very mild here as well - highs of 13 expected here today but rain arriving later. Need to clean the bird table today. There is still some uneaten food on it from 2 days ago but they are still milling rond the fat balls.

Glyn, there is nothing like your own bed . How much longer will you be staying ?

I tried to check as well, Bunny but got the same message as you.

Gary , you never cease to amaze me  talk about an enquiring mind !

Have a nice evening , Pam.

Dean, Have you got a day off?


Morning peeps.

Gary, that's a lot of brain-power for 7 in the morning!

Oh no, now my cooker beeper's going.

Bunny ...
Lyon Greene it doesn't do anything , maybe it's me

What's cooking flo?

Only a boiled egg, Bunny - breakfast is late this morning. It did turn out perfectly, though

Like the idea of your fake window and shutters. Now you've told us about it, it will have to happen because we'll be expecting the photos!!

I'm going to try my broadband speed and see what happens. Maybe the influx of forkers is crashing the site

I also have an old type connection and the exchange is 2 miles away so the pixies who bring the bits and bytes have to crawl along on their hands and knees all that way    Mine was 2458 download - which is about as good as it gets - and 659 upload. I never put photos larger than 1MB online and on forums etc I keep it around 300 kb, 

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Nothing much to report yet. Definately feels warmer though.


Gary, that was helpful about sizes. My photos are about the same size as Bjays. My daughter's are over 5 Mega, so now I know why I have so much trouble opening them when she sends an email. My photos take 1-2 minutes to put in these posts (is that uploading or downloading, what's the difference?) Funny thing is when I did my first photos on this forum it worked much faster, so I thought something had gone wrong when they didn't come up.


Another thing, how do you make photos smaller? Geoff sent me something on it but My daughter and I tried it but it didn't work.


Should have asked nicely. Please



I tested my speeds - thank you Gary. I think they are slow. Download 1037 kbps or 130kBs. Upload 261 kbps or 32.6 kBs.


I have just had a look at a couple of free sites for image resizing. The first was dire but the second - - was easy. The only problem for me is that I'm used to deciding how many kb/Mb the final image is and the sites ask you to choose dimensions in pixels; however, if I used a site like that I'd soon learn. Gary's pic was 900 pixels wide so that's a good guide.

 The original was large - 2.78 Mb or 2560 x 1920 pixels, the resized one is 85,1 kb or 479 x 359 pixels and uploaded in a flash. (It's the view across the living room to the garden!!)



I'm just grateful to have any connection at all to be honest!

My photo editing software lets me change the size of photos - and I mean the file size, not the actual size although it does that as well!

Very grey here today, and the traffic was a nightmare on the way in - caused by a closure on the M3 motorway meaning all the traffic was coming through the town instead.  


Morning chaps

-have checked my speed and I kept below 30mph all the way

Just had a tootle round the 99p, poundshop and Wilkinsons-going to get all my seeds from there and going to do all gardening on a budget-have spotted Charlotte seed potatoes for 99p, 6 packets of sweet peas for a £1-Wilkinsons are doing but 2 get one free-at most I can see me not reaching £10-the expensive part is going to be the compost

This just in from the spy camera in Hong Kong



  morning Geoff.

Lottie, I use photo editing software too and like you, change my image sizes in that.

Road problems are often a pain round here. There are three main-ish routes through and if one has an accident on it (usually the notorious 'spur road') it pushes all the traffic on to the other two and clogs everything up. If two of the three have accidents then no-one's going anywhere!