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Liz-I think you just need to be brave and keep experimenting with the downsizing -there is load of information out there-if you crop a picture on you camera before putting it on the computer that does the job as well

Flo-has the dog got an exclusive comntract with Hello Magazine and you are not allowed a full frontal?


Sorry forgot-downloading is when you take something -say like a cd or kindle book-uploading is when you put something on a site.

So you upload a picture onto an e-mail and the recipient downloads it to open it

As clear as mud

Morning fellow forkers. Todays topis is my s.......g roof. Half of the £5000 is work on the roof. I chimney to be taken down and then the hole in the roof to be filled in, i chimney to be rerendered. The other £2.500 is the work to be done indoors because the roof had been leaking and we hadnt realised. Insurance company told me i should have got up on the roof myself to make sure it was all ok. How daft. We are now waiting for another quote to arrive. Needless to say it is raining and there is more water coming in. Right im off to put up shelves in the utility room. I maybe some time.


Flo, thank you. Resize your image worked and was easy. I reduced a photo of my granddaughter that was about 3 Megas that my daughter sent. Took a little time to upload though and some of her photos are 5.5 Megas!

This forum is good for computers as well as gardening.


Thank you too Geoff. Now beautifully muddy! And getting better at computering.


Gary Hobson


You see a blue panel, with a litle grey button in the middle saying BEGIN, then you get this...

Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

I tested my speeds ..I think they are slow. Download 1037 kbps or 130kBs. Upload 261 kbps or 32.6 kBs.

Yes, you can see my results by enlarging that image. They are about 6 times faster. That's with BT (Broadband on copper wires).

Jean Genie

Maud, I hope you told them to get stuffed. What about H&S ?

Site worked for me this time. 2760kbps download and 357kbps upload  Is that good, bad, or ugly ?  I have no idea.

Geoff - I've bought some seeds from Wilkies on the 3 for 2 offer.

Just spent sometime cleaning a heated propagator that someone has given me - much bigger than the one I have already which has little boxes in it. Works a treat - can't wait to get going and growing.

I've also bought 2 more of those weird seed discs for baskets as I'm going to try them this year. They were only a quid - H&b.


Mine says 5864 download and 929 upload or 733 &116


By the look of it Jean a bit slow-but if it works -it will be interesting to see what Bjay's is- who started all this

Will go out again this week and but a few bits-wish I could find the propogator- it is somewhere in the busy shed

Mmm-Maud -I would keep persisting- they will always say no to start with-they should at least be responsible for the water damage surely

After a few days quiet-the thumping is back


Jean, yours are a lot better than mine but not a patch on Geoff's and Gary's.

Propagator sounds great. Never heard of a weird seed disk.

Wanted to prepare the broad bean bed, which had been roughly dug, but raining yet again. It was a nice day yesterday, but spent a lot of it stacking logs.

Sue H
Tried those discs last year. Took some getting going but was pleasantly surprised by results. Looked pretty. Tip - start at earliest date on packet.
Also - Aldi have lots of friut and veg seeds for 35p. Have grabbed a few myself. =)
Jean Genie

Liz - allthe seeds are in a cardboard disc and you plant the lot - well that's the theory and it's supposed to grow into a complete basket. Got 2 last year for 50p but this one was a quid.

I am experimenting.

 It worked ! That was a big picture - large mega things and I used that site. Thanks everyone,

Bunny ...
Done it...dohhhhh was using ipad . Laptop says.. 1833 download and 235 upload whatever that means hehe
Jean Genie

Sue , It says that you can plant them now . Is that what you did ? It does say Jan - April on packet.

Bunny ...
Boiled egg flo lovely, we had poached . Hehe fake windows, I shall press OH on the matter of spare wood , thinking rustic white against the dark brown shed .
Infact would like a seat nearby may need to change border to large again. Ongoing process the gardening isn't it...are you ever happy with it I wonder .

Maud eeek roof, good luck with shelves .

Weird discs hmmmm. Geoff wilko's seeds....ooooh , shall be there ! Thanks for mentioning.


Jean Genie

These are the seed discs. Hope they work

 Oh and it's ''Disks''


The 99p shop is doing four packets of veg seeds for 99p-a few flowers- not many- but loads of roots bulbs etc

Lidl are starting this week-not much there today

Sue H
Yes I would get them off now or early Feb. Mine came from Morrison's. Even admired by my neighbour who has a lovely garden and is much more organised and flower orientated than me!

Looks a great idea, never seen them here. I think seeds are more expensive in France. Been looking at a French seed catalogue, no runner beans, no Sungold tomatoes, no perpetual spinach, no parsnips. Garden centre has more choice, but still no runner beans.

Jean Genie

Wow, Thanks, Sue. I'll do that.   That propagator that I aquired is huge so I may put them in that to help them on there way.