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Caz W

Just been reading today's paper - this is what to do if you have slow broadband


Bunny ...
A pink trug wow.... I don't even have a trug bought mum one for christmas and filled with goodies, should've done myself one

Pink shorts Geoff..ooooh, and new house pics, you like them ?

Aww lottiebeans punctures grrrr.

Homemade burgers here tonight must go and mix the extras into the meat.
Wow it's so dark here .
Bunny ...
4am chance now, summer no problem ! Summer ? What is that again ....
Caz W

How are the new house pics Geoff?  Are you happy with them?

Sue H
Lottie - may do chocolate custard. Is starting to be an old style school dinner!

Geoff. Picture of you in shorts please



There is one of me looking at Merlin's castle in French France-will see if I can find it-I have no shame

Can I have the skin of the choccy custard

Caz-yes much better -I suppose you want a peep?

Deanos Diggin It

I can do 4am! 

No Jean! I was grabbing half hour for some breakfast n summat warm inside me! That bloody warehouse is freezing! 

Well, Sods law! The rain stayed at bay! But 5 mins before the working day done, guess what? The heavens opened! 

But I was shouted to the lock-up before I left, n now have a fancy four wheeled garden barrow that tip's! umpteen potato growing bags, several greenhouse grow bags, two sacks of "Kestral" seed potato's and more seeds  I love freebie's!

Broadband speed 6086 and 859, happy with that, cheers Gaz!


Dean/Sean/Bling- it appears you have been sending people pressies-I feel left out

Caz W

Hey Deano!  Thought of you and your early mornings when I read that

Geoff's shorts


Caz W

Geoff - perhaps Dean will send you a bag of chips when he's grown all his spuds

Deanos Diggin It

Geoff! You never requested! But feel free to do so!  I did get the Olympics DVD with you in mind, but it wasn't a DVD! 

Cheers Caz! 


Lion S

Afternoon everyone, would you believe it's now 20 C warmer here than it was last week??? Seriously, it's +12 C today! But it's also dark and raining all day long. Not very friendly weather at all.

Computers can be v.e.r.y. slow at times and always at the wrong time too. Am no whiz, but I'm lucky that my Brother can fix  it for me

Jo, the workmen did deburr (had to look that up) the pipes, didn't they? Otherwise that could cause the whistling noise too. I'd be furious if it happened here.

Bunny ...
Prefer chocolate semolina

Nice shorts!

Garden turning into giant pond thanks to back field and forests hmmm.

I appear to have the snail version of broadband surprise !
Bunny ...
Wow 12 deg !! 9 here ...heat wave weather, I see due to drop again rain /snow due ****sigh**** to do a sun dance...

Any ideas on what to start growing in the greenhouse cant wait to get started !!



I have checked my French France pictures and the shorts arent pink but the shirt is -there is one in St Tropez where it looks like I am auditioning for The Village People

Dean- seriously let me know what you want shot of-am on a cost cutting exercise

Flo-tyre fixed yet?

Afternoon FC- nice too see you again this week


Andy51 wrote (see)

Any ideas on what to start growing in the greenhouse cant wait to get started !!


What do you want to grow?-it is still a bit early for lots of things.


G'day all

NO did not use wheelbarrow up the motorway

Just taken ages to catch up with the chat

Computer speed today - not fibre optic - Download 7634. upload 746 - is this good

Lost the page about reducung pics can any one point me in right direction?

Then you may get cake

When business over we needed food etc and pointed out to OH that eating in the GC nearby (Hollybush Becks) was much better than a motorway caf sooo some plants were picked up - by accident you all understand Oh and some chicken poo on a bogoff . So got a white hebe, a very prickly variegated holly, a variegated erisymum and an artemesia 'Powis Castle' 4 plants for £10.95 and not that small - good deal I thought

Those plant mats look good did you say can get them at Morrisons or was that something else


Snow has gone and chat is about new life.- plants and planting

Hope puncture gets fixed we have a James next door who is good for car jobs and advice.