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Thank you Geoff. That seed company looks great, can't believe the prices.  I'll look more thoroughly when I have a quiet moment. Where is the photo of you in shorts?

Bunny, I'm in the country with forest around, my broadband is just worse than yours! I thought England was so hi-tec and France was behind. Some of the French web sites are fairly awful.

Yuk to choc. semolina! Reminds me of school.  Give me choc cake anyday. Except I'd get horribly fat. What is it about being a certain age that helps the weight pile on? Could eat unlimited cake when young.


Andy, you could always start some broad beans off now if you're desperate to plant something. Overwintering varieties don't even need a greenhouse but they might like a bit of shelter to get going. And some peppers - they need a long growing season. But as Geoff says, what do you want to grow?

Car tyre now swopped over for the spare one, with the help of James. Can get home - phew!  

Caz W

That's a relief Lottie - Mr Stink might have offered you a lift home otherwise


LIz -they come in little packets-sealed with no pretty pictures-but I was happy and they have good feedback/reputation

I am not sure about this picture-promise no chuckles

Caz -snap a doodle


Bunny ...
Busy , good to know im not alone with slow internet even though i am over here and you there .

Only thing I liked about school,dinners ! ...that and cutting faces out of spam hehe

Ohh we maybe moved about faster when young , now I've started to get into baking I need to get moving more even though back and foot don't agree .

Good ole James the tyre sorter.

Could,do with a pic of Geoff in pink shorts to cheer a glum weather day

It is pink shirt and yellow shorts-cannot find a respectable one of the the shocking pink shorts

Caz W

C'mon Geoff - don't be bashful - and hurry up as I've got to go and start making dinner!!!


 Black Forest gateau, triple chocolate mousse with a dash of cointreau or low fat cheese cake anyone????


Bunny ...
Corrie ?? What's that then

Omg drools .... Can I be a pig and try a bit of everything, all on one plate is fine

Geoffs gone shy :0
Miss Becks

Good Lord, it's windy out there!

Bjay! What happened?? You never answered my message I sent with my address. I bought cakes for us. Can't believe you were 5 mins away from me and never came round.

Caz W

That BFG looks stunning BJay    Nothing low fat for me though thanks

Gary Hobson

A small portion of the chocolate mousse please.


Deanos Diggin It

Geoff! Seriously! Inbox me your preferences n I'll see what I can sort!  Bare rooted stuff I dropped off at Allotment Assoiciation's cabin early week, but will be going down there this weekend n see whats left!

Right! Gunna have to go Swot! Just had a phone call from work, wanting me to do a training course tomorrow! Talk about "Dropping it on your toe's"

Have a great evening all! Catch ya tomorrow! If I survive!  



Birthday cake????


Lion S

Thought I'd give my advise in another thread  and say hi.

Geoff, happy with the new photos? Did Mrs.G. like them as well? Spain would not be my choice, too hot. I'd melt away there. 

Lottie, glad you can drive home now!

Snowdrops are showing here as well. Yay, Spring is in the air

Oh, is that the time, signing off again. Have a nice evening all

Caz W

A quiet night in the Study for Deano then

RIght, off to make dinner now,

Sue H
OH says he longs for spam fritters. Yuk. Can't think of anything I'd rather not have.
Am lucky enough to be able to eat anything and not change weight. Although some day's so busy forget to eat.
Do u think it is too late to put a few wallflowers in? Have noticed a few gaps.

Still not got the hang of downsizing will have to practise BUT things are much quicker today. Could have just been new server having a sulk yesterday

Sorry Becks, bbut can't have cake - too much of it at the weekend and I missed my weigh in day.

Have to go back up end of Feb though - hmm wonder what goodies I'll be able to get then