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oh wow! Bjay they look stunning, I'd like all three. 

Are you and Becks really that near? Does anyone on this forum actually see each other?


Bunny are you joshing me ?

Dont want anything now Bjay -came too late

OK -pink shirt,yellow shorts-Village People


Deanos Diggin It

Low fat cheese cake for me B'j! Watching my figure! (Who am I kidding, only weigh 11 stone wet through!)  But love Cheesecake!  Check ya laters! 


Bjay, good haul at GC

Geoof, it's not me with the puncture, I have a roof leak and it hasn't rained hard enough to come through again so we're still camping on sofa-bed and futon.

All three gattoxes for me please Bjay. I've totally blown it this week so might as well be weighed for a sheep as for a lamb tomorrow

Bunny ...

 Awwww thought this was you



Where are the hordes of female followers, Geoff?

Miss Becks

I can understand the pink T-Shirt, but a pink handbag to match Geoff?? Really?? Talk about accessorising!


Behind the barrier Flo-not allowed to touch

Still searching for a pink shorts photo

(note to self Lottie is tyred-Flo is leaking)

Spam fritters

Miss Becks

Lizzie, no, me and Bjay aren't that near,  but she has family that are. But I can take a hint.


Oh, yes, they were in the other photo

 Actually I think a chap has sneaked in there too


Bunny just manged to post photo on that other thread. Wsn't taken at its best though

Sue H
Think I once bought OH a t shirt same colour from Matalan. Was for holiday so thought it would make a change. Refused to wear it. A change too far for him.


There was Becks all tarted up and the door bell never rang?

Sue -just exploring the feminine side-you have to


Lizzie, Pam and I are about 2 miles apart, and have met at her garden open day. I often drive past her house.

I've also met Geoff, Mrs Geoff, Cody and the chickens!

Bjay, could I have a bit of everything please? It all looks scrummy!



What about the nails Becks- did you polish the nails?-and the screws as well?


Sorry Becks - next time? especially as you'd vacuumed

I do like cake 

PS to all my daughter made and decorated the birthday cake - I'm so proud

Sue H
Insomnia 1973. Please can u pop round to mine with said vacuum? Could do with a run round!

Liz is asking us out to the Dordogne for a party all expenses paid for a big meet-up

I have had the e-mail

Having bacon grill fritters- not spam

Miss Becks

Yes Sue, you can pay me in food!