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Bunny ...
Sorry to hear about your drip, ours stops when wind isn't blowing from the east (lead under dormer at fault...rather roofer is the fault) . Hopefully you have caught it at source , can drip a while if been a build up. Fingers crossed.

Oh dear Flo. Hope you are right, 

There's nothing worse than a soggy quilt 


Been out at a meeting. Expecting you all this summer then. The overflow will have to bring tents and lots of cake. Going to bed now. Goodnight.


Morning Everyone

I was sorry to hear about your lovely doggy Dean

Hope your drip has stopped Flo

I am going to try and  do some more in the greenhouse today

Have a good day everyone

Pam LL x 


Bunny ...
Awwww I'm sure he will be fondly remembered.
Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Have put bird food out. Not very pleasant out there at the moment, seemingly damp and windy. But this is the overall forecast for today....

  The greenhouse will be calling - for a siesta.
Bunny ...
Morning all

Blowing a gale, rain do t think due to improve. Working today , need to nip for milk.... Wonder if I can stretch another 5mins further to local small garden centre without OH needing me , eeeeek ....for compost not plants though.
Bunny ...
Ours is for 5deg day and 3deg later with rain, wind up to 27. Looks like yours is better !!

Morning all.

Daughter already left for her exam. I slept well, for once & am going to do all sorts in house today- well that's the plan!

A post I know I did yesterday either never got posted by me, most likely, or disappeared into the ether.

Lottie I'll join the charabang trip too, if I may. J.

Jean Genie

Morning forking folk   Just about caught up.

Dean, so sorry to here about Rigsby - good age though.

Have I got this right ? We are planning a trip to see Liz in a pink coach. Geoff will be wearing his pink shorts and cake will be supplied by Bjay.  Sounds good to me.

I've been scrubbing seed trays , plant pots have been steaming away in the dishwasher so all ready for the big event. Off to Wilkies and G.C. today to get compost ,vermiculite and some other bits and pieces.

I have a goody bag in the garage. The guy who gave me the propagator (which I discovered to have 5 heat settings ) has given OH a bag of gardening stuff. He forgot to tell me so will have to investigate.

I have to get some spaghnum moss as well for the Taccas when they arrive but don't really like using that . Needs must though.

Have a good day everyone.

Bunny ...
Ooooh a goody bag, lovely
Sounds like you are all sorted, looks like I'm needed all day booooo, the sun has appeared and now have a cloudy pond what's wrong with it...
Bunny ...
Ps good luck for daughter exam Jo !!!

Morning folks.

Hooray! I think I found the right drip last night though haven't been up in the loft to see how much is in the bucket nor outside with a ladder to see what tiles are damaged. Maybe we'll be able to sleep in the bedroom again tonight 

Must dash, have to weigh in at WW. I know it'll be FloFatFairy again


Dean, sorry to hear about Rigsby, know how that feels.

Hope everyone's feeling chipper this morning. The sun is shining here - amazing how much it perks things up.

Jo, glad to hear you'll be joining the trip! Plan is to wait until Geoff is settled in Valencia, spend a few days at Lizzies then all go on to Geoffs. Becks, don't forget your sun cream!


Bunny ...
Hurrahhhh the drip, hope you get to bed later.

Good luck with wi !!

Its fat Lottie here at the moment too Flo! Too many cakes. Will need to slim for the summer if I'm going to put my cossie on!


Good moaning

Not dressed-but came downstairs for a bit

The sun is shining but do not get too complacent about today-orange balls predicts much.much colder over the weekend

Was going to get seed potatoes this morning-but cant find any money-can someone lend me £2?

Must get showered,dressed and select my wardobe-for today- and the trip

Hope all drips and weight are ok


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Hello everyone. Sorry about Rigsby, so sad when a doggy friend dies. Sorry about Peter Beales too. When we bought our farmhouse in Kent (before France) we ordered a lot of our roses from him. He wasn't that old.

Got to go grocery shopping. Catch up later.