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Ooooh, Jo, that is very alarming. We had a very gusty night but it's not so bad now. All I had to repair this morning was the plastic cover on the chicken ranch.


Am thinking of doing a mini tidy up of the busy shed/garage- if I do not return have been swamped by cracked flowerpots, polystyrene trays, seeds trays, old toys, bits of canes, giant spiders................................................................

Miss Becks

Geoff, just stick to 'thinking' about it for today!


Take your phone then you can summon help if under attack.


Well it's just chucked it down & I debated leaving the washing out!!

The roof panels on that side are elderly, non horticultural, single thickness polycarbonate. We fitted them some yrs ago after on-going vandalism from the adjacent alleyway, which has ceased, thank goodness. Last incident was early 08 & a panel got pushed in by a thrown brick !! At least no smashed glass over everything.

Now the leylands I planted to the alleyway side, north luckily, are kept above the greenhouse height & there is a generation of kids that dont know it's there. The panels never fitted brilliantly & last yr daughter had the bright idea of using masking tape as well as the wire fittings, to secure the panels to the frame. So far so good. They can slip & sometimes flip out, but, whilst no plants in there, not a problem.

Typical sun now!!! J.


We will be growing Marfona,Charlotte,Kestrel,Vivaldi,Desiree and Picasso potatoes this year
Pam LL x
Hello everyone!
Taken me a while to catch up!!

Sorry to hear about Rigsby, Dean

Bjay, if I'm not too late, I will be like Bunny and request a bit of each (on the same plate also fine).

Funny weather here today. Sun then hail then rain! Very windy too. I'm not keen

Must go through the seed collection I already have before shopping.
Gary Hobson
bunnysgarden wrote (see)
Made it to garden centre.. 3 for 10 offers ...eeeek

Thank you for the tip off.

I like to get the early offers. Last year my local GC (Wyevale) were offering perennials for 10 for £10.

So I've just had a trip down there. Yes, they have a range perennials in. But there seems to have been a price increase. It's 8 for £10 this year. The same plants will be 2 or 3 pounds each, in a few weeks time.

They also had a wall full of potatoes - dozens of varieties - didn't buy any. But I did buy a dahlia tuber, of which they had many varieties (to look at, not eat ). (Foolish impulse purchase ).

Miss Becks

They made a wall out of potatoes??

Gary Hobson

Yup, an entire wall decorated with bags of seed potatoes, for sale. There might have been some onion sets among them. I didn't look too closely.

Also came back with some cellular seed trays. They have these in a variety of sizes, from relatively small cells (40 cells to a tray), through medium, to large cells (15 cells to a tray). And these are all BOGOFS.

Bunny ...
I need a bigger centre next for bigger range, but that could be dangerous...this is a sister one but just wee.
OH impressed with my purchases...or at least pretends to be hehe.
No ceonothus or plug plants though. Don't really have room in greenhouse for them anyway.

Only 2 pieces of cake left here and cheesey chives scones all gone and the fresh bread ...better put baking on my to do list....
Sue H
Been to garden centre. No wallflowers though! Ended up with seed potatoes and a large pot of chives from the half dead section. These seemed to be healthier than from the normal place!
Think I was quite restrained!
Bunny ...
Well done sue , more restraint than myself

nearest Wyevale is far side (N) of Worcester so much too far but will keep an eye out fpr perrenial deals as need loads for Fairy dell. The Erisynum I bought yesterday will go there and will also take lots of cuttings once it's established.

Have seedlings peeking thru - some sort of verbena (not bonariensis) and attirhinum

Sorry Nola last BFG went into OH last night

Daughter text (why doesn't she phone as needed lot of text answers). They are going to look at a cottage tomorrow with a wild life orchard. We knew they were looking around but this is sooner than I thought. Mind you she loves begonias so had already thought I would make up a couple of pots for if she moves. I just hope they don't miss out as it looks lovely. We mainly warned her to check access as it is near major flood area.

Just pruned roses - most are new so didn't take too long- next year when they all needsorting will take much more time.


Sue, that was restrained! Well done, you can have a gold star.

Bunny, the bigger the centre, the more you spend......

Have been to the plot, and got a bit too enthusiastic about the digging - forgot I was out of practice - and my back is now aching!

Pam - do the Vivaldi potatoes live up to the hype? What fertilizer does Barry use? Does he have a secret ingredient?


Bunny ...
Yes that's true , I like to support our smaller local one as its one of three in area around the borders. Prefer it to big national ones. Apparently the coffee and cakes are excellent advised by my mum hehe.
I shall wait and have another trip soon !!! Supporting the community you see

Our nearest Wyevale is at Louth, about 25 miles away, but as we shop  in Louth regularly it's no problem. We were in there last week and they had dozens of different seed potatoes, plus you could buy individual potatoes if you just wanted a few of a new variety to try. Onion sets and shallots available too.

They also were unpacking the summer bulb and dahlia tubers, I bought one for a friends birthday, spoilt for choice..

We grew some Vales Emerald potatoes last year, but were disappointed with the result, but I think the wet weather was to blame.


Have done an hours crap clearing-have found some armillatox, a ball off string some ericaceous compost I didn't know I had, a Castle Grayskull some cricket, tennis and badminton bats a load of saucepans and some pegs

A mouse nest, some 30 year old magazines and a soggy copy of the Kama Sutra and Perfumed Garden

Some of it on freecycle the rest can be tipped-have now cleared 10%

Bunny ...
We don't have one of those have a strikes and a dobbies .

Hmm quite a mixed collection Geoff
We do like Vivaldi Lottie!
Barry has a load of manure delivered every year and alternates which beds it goes on-the potatoes will go on the bed that was manured last year and he also uses growmore or chicken pellets.
For a main crop potato Picasso is hard to beat and for a good baking potato 2nd early Marfona is great Marks and Spencer sell Marfona as baking potatoes -that is where I first tried them
Pam LL x