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Miss Becks

Sorry Flo. I like to save evidence for future uses.  (Or for identification purposes on a hit job )


Morning All

No soaps or reality TV here. Used to watch escape to country when trying to escape to country. Relative in Australia loves watching it and she is not British!

Only have daytime TV if snow/ill/heavy rain!

Birds are really busy - OH just said good day for a bird watch- bird watch day had about 8 birds in total

Becks waht are you like - it took me days to get that image out if my mind and now it's popped up again

Been to Morrisons - other day bought 2 Cornus Midwinter Fire -£2 each and another one today. Broken branch off one is now in compost on heat so with a bit of luck I will have 2 more (very CK)

Also went to pound type shop and bought bag desiree potatoes 10 for £1.49. That will be 2 pots full. Now have to search for others on list - see yesterdays posts

Miss Becks

Sorry Bjay.  I'm awaiting my rollicking off Deano for re-posting it!


Oh just said birds probably tweet each other - hi bird watch weekend!!

Miss Becks

Does he mean on Twitter??



Back-more crap sorted-loads of stuff to be tipped

To days highlights -how to erect a green house,two large plastic toy tanks,a rusty tonka toy and a not so rusty one,a "cage" for keeping stick insects,budgie cage,fish tank and bowl,a bag or marbles and some cork wall tiles

I have seen all TV ever made

Fish finger sandwiches now

For those who want to have a nose inside and outside homes- there will a link posted later

Bunny ...
Well done Geoff , good work .

Homemade tomato soup and cheese n spring onion scones here.

I have watched utter cr@p tv in past , just can't be bothered with it now.

Afternoon all.

Had a shopping trip & lunch with daughter today- Ikea & M&S. She's been making decisions about from where to buy/what furniture she needs.

Last of the big spenders she's been- a packet of clippits & a wardrobe catalogue from Ikea & a childs' wrap cardi in M&S sale!! It even fits me!! Oh & a sample of furniture fabric from M&S which is probably now redundant, as we found a nice combination at Ikea for quite a bit less.

Now to see what you've all been up to. J.


Glad you've been busy Geoff. Our spare room scheduled for tomorrow afternoon- well a start on it.

I/we dont do reality tv nor soaps either, unless Casualty & Holby count as such. Dont often get the chance anyway what with OH & daughter snaffling remote.

I do like the housing progs, as much for watching people's expectations drop once they realise what they want just isnt realistic. What I'd really like is a genuine follow-up on them further down the line...... when they've discovered how inconvenient living in the country can be, especially those from big cities. J.

Pennine Petal

Afternoon to you, going to bed time here. Lovely walk in the park today, some lovely flowers out birds tweeting, old mean playing mah jong, and others with boats speeding around the boating lake. Forgot to take camera, but my colleague took one to show you, but I haven't got it yet.

In HK the kids can pick an Engllish name when they are in school. One of my students is called Raptor  He must have liked Jurassic Park. Also have Clarin and Kinny.

Enjoy the rest of your day. I'm off to bobos.

Bunny ...
Haha Jo yes there are down sides to country life ...we were brought up in country first though so knew what to expect. ..good ole ikea

Love the English names in HK ...could've been worse ones !

Any volunteers for sorting our sheds and loft ?

Been helping OH ...freezing now and dogs sulking coz wasn't allowed in to help need ahoy choc now before returning to the frozen room ....

The marbles went on freecycle-gone-and now the old saucepans have been collected-I think I have reached the 30% level-still cannot find the propogator -starting to think it is elsewhere

Nighty-night Glyn-loving the daily reports


Yep country village childhood. Buses once an hour, last one from nearest town 10pm. None on Sundays. 2 buses to grammar school 7 miles away.early leaving & late getting home.

Parents' taxi service grugingly supplied. Luckily my friend lived on a farm, so my Dad did the taking to Sat night disco, as other Mum doing the milking. Then she collected us as my Dad watching match of the Day!

Only 1 streetlight in village until I was well into my teens & even now not many. Rode my bike to majority of places. Blimey, must've been fit, or mad or both.... Youth club in neighbouring village & this time my Dad did the pick-up at10pm on the dot!!

Everybody knew you & would happily tell parents about anything you got up to. For yrs after I married & moved away people would still recognise me & speak as I walked around. Trouble was I couldnt remember them. Darent go into local pubs until 18 but after that....... oh the joy! J.


Geoff, is it worth my while using freecycle? or more hassle than use? J.



You get a few no-shows sometimes-which is annoying -but most people are happy to take it of your hands

Spotting the genuine and those who just sell it on- which is against the ethos is the only snag-just take people at face value-at least it gets it out of the house

Give it a go- dead simple to post

Bunny ...
Hahaha yes Jo all of the same , my parents didn't mind though having lived in Manchester all their lives being in the country was nice for them ...still in same house now yrs later . we had 2 buses a day to town, last home was 6pm , now we are out here no buses , no shops pubs or anything unless drive 10+ miles bvggered if want something from Carlisle half hour away .

Nothing to lose I suppose as around the house most of time- hmm, may try. Thx for that.

Daughter now bored! She's got so used to all the revision that it probably does feel weird.

Am still stuffed from lunchtime. Soup I think for a snack later. J.


Cody now needs glasses to watch TV-he also has the remote



Aah cute.

We had an elderly golden retriever who would happily wear my Mum's rimless spex. Made perfect sense- dog getting/got cataracts which can cause shortsightedness & Mum was short sighted!

I still dont want any food....this is not normal. J.