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When we were moving we decided to go to a village - only lived in largish towns before .When we sold house we looked around at our short listed villages and at some properties and then thought - no not for us - so we came up with here, cross between large village/small town with good transport routes and things to do, places to go to in evening should we wish. Don't regret it .Like you Jo I often wonder how the large town/city types manage once the country dream becomes a reality .

Tree still up!!

They are saying we, here, may have snow, 

We rid ourselves of surplus stuff on free cycle, and when we moved here used Gumtree for extra furniture with great success


Just watching David Beckham on his joining Paris St Germain, he's giving his salary away to childrens charities There's a dishy frenchman translating for him, just love the accent, can't understand a word of it though.

Hope everyone is well, you have all been busy posting today.

Nice to hear from Glyn, those names are great, we have a chap at the chinese takeaway who likes to be called Brian, his wife is Sue and they have a brother called Norman!


Yes wherever OH & me end up I already have a list of wants, such as bus route etc. Middle of nowhere not for me, but then neither is suburbia & have been here nearly 30yrs!

The Ikea trip was also for me to double check on the good old Billy bookcase/cabinet range. OH & me need one for all the china/glasswear have kept from parents' house. OH can practice assembly on daughters' first!!

Have looked at all sorts of china cabinets, from various places, including M&S outlet/main stores, but they are almost too good in appearance. That would 'show up' all our existing stuff, which is a right mixture of pine & other. I dont want to start again whilst still in this house, so Billy it'll be. Have to admit if we go the NEDerbyshire route then there is a wonderful furniture shop, just along from the little house, from which we'll treat ourselves. J.

Deanos Diggin It

Alert! Alert!,,,,,,,,,,,,,"I is in the Building!" 

Beck's!.....arse! Opp's! sorry girls!  Town Hall steps ring a bell?  But miffed has to why you would possibly want me "Taking Out" 

Geoff!........Now you have room in your shed, can I borrow it to shift some crap out of my garage?  

Evening All! 


WE also checked for proximity to shops, Drs, hospital, libraries thinking that when we no longer are able to drve can we still get to  necessary places.




   Dean. A very good evening to you.


You gotta love a Beckham

Dean-are you brightly-cheerful first thing?

Rosa carriola wrote (see)

WE also checked for proximity to shops, Drs, hospital, libraries thinking that when we no longer are able to drve can we still get to  necessary places.


Yep, that's the plan. Having had 2 previous periods of not being allowed to drive, it made me realise what would be sensible.

Thing is, can I cope when OH decides to work from home before he fully retires?

Much muttering from upstairs as daughter tries to sort out her room...

Ok, soup time.J.

Miss Becks

It's not me wants you taking out! Silly! It's in case anyone wants to pay me to do it for them!! Hey, I'm a single mom on benefits. Every little helps!


Sorry Dean, hello & bye for a bit. J.

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Hi Jo! Bye Jo! 

Geoff! Believe it or not, I am not a morning person! 

Beck's......."That's Asda Price" too! 

Oh! n to all you Teaching type people! My hat goes off to you! I have only been in the classroom two days and am shattered! 


Dean, I am not a morning person either. If things had turned out differently we could have been grunting at each other across the cornflakes


Hello,Forkers---haven't posted for awhile, but have been keeping up. Still stuck in the gloom, misty but mild. Seed order came, so have started some globe artichokes and begun preparing greenhouse for seed sowing.

There are various lurgies circulating the island, so have been sticking close to home.

Wishing for sun!


Deanos Diggin It

Yo B'j! 

Flo! Funny you should mention cornflakes!  Ya know when ya not ought for ages, (Geoff! Breakfast cereals!) n then ya do! Ya think "Their Nice" I did that Tuesday! 

Just a bit of useless information I'd like to pass on! 

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Hi Inka! 

We're all wishing for sun!  Not a bad weekend forecast over here! 

Have just renewed car tax on line! Runs out today, so another £270 lighter! 



Cold Saturday - wet Sunday on the cards


Hi Inka here where I live is a possibility of snow!!

Dean do you drive a rolls royce or something then

Daughter went to see a cottage - lovely cottage unfortunately no good for them - no mobile phone signal and his business relies on the phone.They live in a flat over a shop at the moment.


Hmm, can I manage to get back outside to finally store the pots & make a start on shed without anyone noticing? Shouldnt take too long shopping as may just be daughter & me. Think OH plans to come back Sat after meeting tomorrow or something, I loose track. J.