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Geoff - .Must have been posting at the same time glad to see you have got things covered.


I have now -I have got trousers on

Bunny ...
He to google snail tree.... I thought you were wanting to plant a type of tree which attracted snails , I thought you were mental !
Bunny ...
Pleased your covered Geoff save any blushes.

Morning all, sorry am late but I have a note. Been to the University for the next stage of the research I'm a guinea pig for. They took some of my blood! But I got a cup of tea and breakfast cereal after

Bunny, you might have some nice colourful bruises to show for that slip. Ouch!

Glad you're dressed Geoff - no flashing allowed on here.

Looks like its dog's gallery on here. Might post a picture of Alfie if I can find a good one. Lovely pictures of Archie, Olive and Tigger.

Happy February everyone! I'm glad January is over and done with for another year


Bunny ...
Ohhhh yes February !!!

Morning Lottie , good to see you have a your guinea pig note.... All this talk of cereal , I'm going have to buy some. Beans and cheeses scones brunch had here.
Right time to wrap up, s0d the housework and get outside, hellebores to plant and a greenhouse check ...pot on session until shouted for by OH grrrr to help him.
Lottie yes I think full colour spectrum may appear later , least not wearing any bikinis for them to be seen
Have a good day all.

He! He! you were all expecting more pink wheelbarrow! If you look really hard there are snowdrops.

I bought some lily and butterfly solar lights from Wilko but they were a luxury item. Have some solar lights to wrap around arch by courtyard - bought them for Christmas but might as well get used Would like some of those little round balls will keep an eye open but don't go to Lidl.

We do have a Poundstretcher, could look there, but really at moment need plants.


It's a very handsome watering can, Bjay


Shed clearance -day 3- am going-in cover me


Pennine Petal

Evening all, well here at least. Last 2 days coming up Spent 2 hours queuing at the cable car to see the Buddha. Fantastic trip in the cable car with a glass floor, maybe not for you if you don't like heights. DIdn't go up the steps Too tired after the queuing.

Geoff when did you take that photo of Rocky cat?When I ring home from HK he can hear me and miaows at me. (how do you spell that word?)

Gong for a soak in the bath now.

Bye for now


Spare room sort out day 1 here!

Interupted by the spotting of a RAT scoffing the ground feeder bird food!

Banshee wailing & banging of old shower rail on ground sent it packing, this time!! When you think how much time we've spent recently watching those b feeders! Anyway, bait now put down just under shed & shall keep my eye out. Seed feeder removed, sorry birds.

At least the main kitchen waste compost bin still looks un-attacked. Well it does have mesh beneath the base of the darlek, sort of pulled up around sides, plus rubble pushed firmly against the base so any holes easy to spot! Shall use wormery for a bit, they'll be stuffed! Plus excess can go into garden/food waste collection, drat!

It'll have got in from the open ground behind us, via the gap between the barge boards/uprights caused by the councils' tree roots disturbing our fence. Have given up asking them to fell the 'b' thing!

Right, spare room awaits again.

Will catch up later. J.


Had enough for today-3 more bags of crap-now about 60% done-will do a bit more over the next dew days

Have found a propogator -not the propogator

This just in from Hong Kong



Chris, here is a site about gardens to visit in Dordogne.      I've been to Eryrignac (quite formal, a lot of clipped hedges, white rose garden, not far from Sarlat), Marqueyssac (more topiary, lovely woodland walk with great views of the Dordogne river, but not really flower beds), Les Jardins de Sardy (long way from Sarlat, but I liked it, more like a proper garden), les Jardins Tranquille near Brantome ( I knew the previous owner who gave me a lot of plants, haven't been since it changed hands, was the most English in style). There are others on that site. The village of Roque Gageac is worth a trip, pretty.

Caz W

Afties all!  Thanks for the summary Geoff - needn't bother to read everything now

Lovely photos of your dogs -  Olive looked particularly good in the snow .  Archie has settled in and had a nice walk.  Bit difficult typing and he's gone to sleep right next to me - almost under my left arm!  Only problem is he loves to bark at the birds on the bird table but they don't seem to mind at all.

Hope you're OK after your fall Bunny.  A chap from the council was delivering leaflets here this morning about some local meeting.  The first I knew of his arrival was when I heard a crash and looked out and saw someone on the floor just outside the conservatory.  He was no youngster and was quite shaken up. Archie & his owner had just arrived and he was barking and thinking it was some sort of game.   I made him come in and sit for a while and offered him some tea.  He'd cut his hand so I sorted that out and it turns out he is the local Mayor and his wife is also on the Council and on the Governing Body of the school where I used to work!  Hope I don't get sued or anything.  He then told me he had fallen in his fishpond yesterday!!!  Have got his wife's email address so maybe I will contact her later to see if he's OK. I felt awful but there was nothing obvious there that he could have tripped over.

Miss Becks
Caz W wrote (see)

nothing obvious there that he could have tripped over.

Probably his guilty conscience of all the lies and crap he feeds everyone!


Caz W

Thanks Becks - I never thought of it like that - feel better now

Miss Becks

I'm sure he'll recover just fine.

Caz W

How's Jess - did she go to Nursery?


Have just had a viewing- a mother and daughter -seemed quite nice did ask about the flat roof-quickly glossed over that one-might have got away with it

So one day the Mayor falls in his fishpond and the next day he falls over again-I think he has been to one of Bjays parties