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Caz, how is he able to stand as Mayor if he can't stand on his own two feet? At least you were a good samaritan and tended to his injuries. If you want to put in a planning application for something, now might be a good time!

Been to the plot and done some plantingbut now back at work

Geoff!! Where did you get that photo? Have you been sneaking into my bathroom??


Caz W



I'm here you know, just being quiet shhhh!


Don't make a noise anyone -Bjay is nursing a hangover


Almost done up there. Bossy madam has stood over me, & supplied tissues as nec. We can see the spare bed, wow!

I will need a tip trip, but hope to make a start on the shed tomorrow (it's supposed to be dry....) so shall wait until that's all done..... Must also organise that charity collection.........

Had my daily quota of coffee already, so celebrated with the remaining crisps.

Now just the top cupboards to investigate.... J.


Gary Hobson
Caz W wrote (see)
sotongeoff wrote (see)

Start Friday Ist February at (9.30pm in Wales) BBC 2

Thank you for remembering the time difference for us in Welsh Wales

I had never realised that Wales, being in the West, has its own time zone, 30 minutes later than GMT. Makes perfect sense, I suppose.


Anybody else having trouble getting on here-click forum and oops comes up-have gone down the diversion route via the e-mail notification

And it seems slow??

Gary Hobson

It's sluggish.

I have a 'time to load the page' monitor that runs permanenty.

The main page has just taken 30 seconds to load, and this page took 10 seconds.

Gary Hobson

And the time to refresh this page, after I posted that reply was 28 seconds.

Gary Hobson

You're right. Home then Forum goes Oops.


Just switched browsers- still the same


I got here via my postings seems all right at the moment. Thanks Lizzie for the info on French gardens I will print it out and put it in the holiday folder. getting quite a few pages in there.

Talking of ponds, the groundsman at Mums res. home has cordoned off the pond as he says it has tested positive for e-coli, apparently he says it is quite common in fish ponds. He did seem a bit vague so whether it's true I don't know.

Been watching the Red Arrows this afternoon practising, just four of them, looping the loop.

Miss Becks

Oh Dear, Is Dean messing with his Bling again!


It seems OK again now-must have had a dose of fertiliser


Deanos Diggin It
I too have had to enter through the back door, parden the pun! : )

E-coli in fish ponds?-I am guessing only if you drink the water not breathe the air?


Speed ok for me at the mo, I often give up though in the evenings as that's when it goes slow.

Pretty well done in spare room. Ok bed covered again, but this time in bags of 'for charity' stuff. I now need a new single quilt from somewhere as have chucked the bagged up one that was against the cold wall.

Daughter thinks there's a spare one at the top of her wardrobe. No idea what's up there or what she's going to take with her when she leaves, so time enough to sort/wait for sales again if needed.

Meal going to be a re-hash of whatever left in fridge, plus some extra vegs. Dont feel creative tonight. J.


Did you check your internet speed the other day Jo?

Weather news from orange balls

Cold tomorrow,wet and milder Sunday,colder again next week -we have reached the month of February where everyday is different-on the plus side we are now getting 9 plus hours of daylight