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Deanos Diggin It

Ya Right there "Bunny" But now here! I Shall pig out! 


Just watched French gardens with Monty, soooo formal, not really my style. I read that Versailles garden was built on a swamp which is why there is so much water and it was so expensive. Louis the Sun King had a lot to answer for, he spent so much and the people were taxed and the poor were so poor it all led to the French Revolution. The English were never as awful to the poor as the French. This is turning into a socialist lecture! (Geoff, I'm middle class, sorry. That refers back to things you've said previously. But I'm a socialist.) But, going back to gardens, I like the English style gardens.


Only 10 more pages to go to hit the1000!!!!Will we make it tomorrow?

I like pizza

Goodnight All


Goodnight Chris.

I've been lurking a bit this evening, nothing much to contribute. Started making marmalade about 7.30 but that was too late to finish the job so have two pans of well-simmered fruit cooling on the stove.Enjoyed Monty's jardin prog. and agree with Lizzie, too formal (and too enormous) for my taste though good to see them and learn about the history.

Tired now, off to bed.

Night folks.



Watched Monty, but  far more amusing, as there are 10 pages to go, I read the first 10 pages ever of Fork Handles. I see that the level of Forking has not matured over the months. I stopped at Flo having a tea birthday party


When Kate and I started this we were not sure how it would go down  but it was really a similar to a thread we had on the BBC  site

 Bit of a monster but in a good way




No that was me having the birthday party, not Flo. Second time we've been confused in a few days! Might have to change my name.

Off to bed in a min, OH and son no.2 watching Demolition Man.....for the thousandth time!

Night night Forkers everywhere.


Night both Flo's and Chris

Bunny ...
Ok yes watched Monty blue suit ...not my style either busy , don't get me started on politics etc ..

Night everyone just me left to party on...

**puts blondie on. **
Sue H
Just arrived back from work. Frozen pizza. Missed all things on tv (as usual) My dear son has lit the log burner. He is not well and has a temp. House is like a oven. Gasp!!!

Night Bunny, I'm after you. Night all.

Bunny ...
Awwwwwwww sue hope he is ok, night busy, OH has gone to bed I'm still up , dog asleep snoring ...
Sue H
Persuaded him to go have a shower. Is a big boy now 17 and 6foot tall. But reverts to being little boy when unwell. Poor thing.
Jean Genie

Morning forkers.  Trust you are all well. I've been a busy little bee . Every thing is ready now for my favourite time of year. Starting seed sowing today - there's a few thngs I can get going that can be put in the propagators. Going to get the begonia tubers out today and start them off. Then there's some houseplants to re-pot and I'm going to start the pelargoniums and and and  OOOOOhhh

Get really excited this time of year.

Forgot to mention - I saw a BEE yesterday,

Have a good day all.


Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Enjoyed Monty's show. It was relaxing. Lots of nice pretty images, and absolutely no mention of any jobs that need to be done. I felt good about that.

I like that sort of program - it raises the question of why people build gardens. Even today - that gentleman spending a fortune constructing an immitation. He said people thought he was 'nuts'. Quite.

Pleased to see that it rains a lot of France.

Bunny ...
Morning all

Currently -2.8 out there, blue sky , the sun is shining

Love the flashing jean I agree love this time of year.
What to do today now .....hmmmmmm.

Morning upandabout forkers.

Sunny and bright here, always improves my mood. Haven't seen a bee yet but then again haven't been in the garden much. No sign of frog spawn, we usually have some about now but robins and dunnocks have been seen in pairs.

Lyon Greene wrote (see)

 absolutely no mention of any jobs that need to be done. I felt good about that.

Pleased to see that it rains a lot of France.


Bunny ...
Morning flo

Plenty birds about the garden today, think they are cheered by the sunshine too