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Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Sun is out here today as well. Am planning going into the garden for a 'tidy up'. Haven't been out since before Christmas! Get all my pots and trays washed and clean, ready!

Bunny ...
Yeyyyy the sunnnnnn

We were going to go out for day but a possible customer wants to come through for a 'chat' ....aaaaggggghhhhhh , may end up gardening ... See what OH says on return from dog hiking .
Miss Becks

Bit of Saturday Morning Humour.



Poured all night. It rains a lot in France. Except when there's a drought. Then everything shrivels up and there's a hosepipe ban.



Morning all

Lovely day - sun has got his hat on. I lay in bed planning things to do for the day and they all involved garden things

OH just come back from dog exercise, and says it's very cold. He met the woodsman and told him it is a buzzard he sees fyling low in th trees and gave Oscar Dog a doggy treat.

Jean I always thought you set begonias off later, does it mean you get max flowers? Advise me please 


Bonjourno peeps

Have been up and down and now up again

Jean is all excited I see-like a little kid-hope she doesn't wee in the garden

Haven't see the French Gardens yet -might watch that at lunchtime

Bjay-I will be starting my begonia corms off soon indoors they need a bit of warmth to get going-it is the usual thing of all about timing

Going to have a wander around the grounds of the estate.

Rescheduled Christmas dinner number 3 tomorrow

Sue H
Lovely sunny day here too. Going to go outvand pull weeds. Also was thinking about doing some sage cuttings. Never done these before. Going to rifle through my seed box and see what I come up with. Oh joy.
Bunny ...
OH says will g after lunch , punter coming this morning where to is the question.

Ooh buzzard lots of those around ..and a treat for Oscar. Keep seeing a barn owl about 4.30/5 on dog walk , lovely white swooping the ground. Even heard owls when gardening yesterday through day .
Hehehe @ wee in garden...hope not could be embarrassing.

Olives sat in awkward position on landing catching a slither of sunshine ...dogs and sunbathing

Walk round estate Geoff... Any nice gardens ?

Aww busy rain I shall have rain while you bask in sun later in year though

Will we have a hot summer ???????
Deanos Diggin It
Good Morning Everybody!

I can almost feel the excitement on here today! ; )

Sun is out n looks a lovely day, although it looks a tad on the cold side

B'j! My "Old Dear" used to always start her begonia's on the first weekend in Feb, in trays, n pop em on the kitchen window sill (south facing) She always said they needed a little warmth to get em off to a flying start! : )

Right! Coffee time, then shall go play in the back yard!

Have a great day all! : )
Girasole wrote (see)

Morning Forkers, hope you are all well. I have been so busy with all sorts of other  things that I haven't had a chance to pop in here for ages

I received my first email about the GW Seed Club earlier this week but haven't had time to look at it properly yet but at a first glance it looks good. I must say I like the idea of being told what to do and when and how to do it - being an amateur I need a leading hand until I hopefully get the hang of things.!

Geoff, any news on the house sale front? Hope so for your sake.

Sasha- bless her -turned up in the wrong place this morning

Pottie Pam

Reporting for duty,

hope I don't get put in jankers for being AWOL.

Glad everyone is feeling upbeat. It's amazing how a bit of sunshine lifts the mood.

I enjoyed telly last night. Wild Britain then Carol Klein and Monty. How does Carol's tulips not get devasted by mice and squirrels? thought I'd protected mine better this year but the little b*****s have got in again.

Enjoy your gardening in the sunshine all.



Hello PP - what sunshine? Thinking I'm living in the wrong place.


Another thing, you forkers keep talking about having washing on the line in winter. Washing doesn't dry here in the winter even when sunny it stays damp.


Morning All

Just a quick visit while OH is out feeding the birds, greenhouse duties, etc, before we go to fetch the eggs.

I bought some more begonia illumination corms/tubers, never sure what to call them, yesterday from Wilko's. Not very big 2 for £2. I've got some from last year just want to bulk up the baskets.

I have got the French garden programme to watch sometime today, was watching the 2nd episode of Silent Witness last night so recorded Monty. How can a man look good in that suite with braces, but he gets away with it.Ahhh.

Lizzie. washing doesn't dry here either, it just as my Mum says  "lightens" it. unless of course you get a gale, then you can't keep it on the line

Catch you all later, garden and jobs calling.

Have a good day.



Sue H
Lovetogarden. I also need to catch up with that silent witness. My 2 cats going crazy in the sunshine. Just sit there looking at me when I come in. Are highly delighted if I am in the garden. Think also going to start some giant sunflowers. Did small ones last year. Neighbours complained. Said they liked seeing the tall ones. Didnt think anyone noticed my garden. Perhaps they do!
Bunny ...
Washing doesn't dry here either, although neighbors still persist in freezing theirs solid in a attempt
Miss Becks

Just remembered I've got to try and fix my plastic greenhouse (Walk in wardrobe, Gary ) That got blown over and damaged in the winds last year. May have to 'fashion' it a little.


Morning all.

Slept through most of the MD prog. Always record any gardening things, especially where MD involved as guarenteed instant slumber by moi!

A tad nippy out there this morning. OH got back ok, then family outing to a supermarket. Oh am going to be soooo glad when daughter finally moves out......& she's going to get a shock!

Will go out to greenhouse & shed after lunch. By then the sun should have moved round & it'll be a bit better out there. Intend to add to the tip pile in the hall. OH has already removed a box file from it......... Anyway OH & daugter doing the tip trip later, or tomorrow. I'm not! Their turn.

Now I'll catch up. J.


Thanks about begonias - I do set them off in heat but never this early so I get late blooms. Knew I was doing something wrong - an indoor task for later in week I think, Hope I can find enough window sillslittle electric propagator is already busy and I have an onion seedling yahay

Just been to butchers even the ducks there look happy

Will hopfully clear rest of leaves so I can see how many snowdrops I have.

Keep having all these catalogues withall these lovely plants - wish I had enough pennies to buy some