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Sasha, am bearing with!

Jo has a secret stash of tea towels - the woman never ceases to amaze me!

Loaded potato skins for my tea tonight - or there's the rest of the crispy duck and pancakes from last night.....hmmm, decisions decisions.

Not sure I can cope with all this talk about gardening! Anyone would think this was a gardening forum


Kate- honestly! Told you I'd got indigestion- repeating......

Inka, I too have SJW, but trim mine back later in Feb. I do seem to have got on top of it over the yrs & often yank bits out! Mind you that border is in need of a major revamp. One day, never, shall remove all the plants & bulbs & dig it all over properly!! Somehow, dont think so......

Oh wow, daughter actually taking the hoover up to her room.

Right, boxes of whatever await. J.


Miss Becks

Kate, there was pizza left! Check the cyber fridge!


I am not baring with anybody until the warm weather arrives-sorry

Not much TV until Wossy later -onto Call the Midwife now

Just has butterscotch angel delight

What time is Santa coming?


Geoff  Will son come baring gifts?

Dinner is getting better by the minute



Lottie, crispy duck and pancakes yum, yum


Sadly -no

Glass of wine ??




Just had roast pork etc etc etc. Son is back to early home on Saturdays so back to roast on Saturdays. 

Had 2 glasses of wine and some apple beer so -- bear with, bear with, bear with......

Jo you do know that saturday evenings are evenings of rest - the days of Saturday/Sunday are of course for gardening

No just changed spelling of bear/bare and neither look right

Does this make sense??

Deanos Diggin It

Right! I is gunna pour a nice cold beer n then go prepare some nice food, just in time for OH arriving home!

We may actually get to sit at the same table n share a meal, which ain't happened in such a long long time! But then again! I know she will just wanna go put her feet up on the settee after her long hard day! 

No Dog's!  No youngest Daughter! She is out n about!  It is very quiet!  But in a very nice way! 

Geoff! Was you awarded a package from Postman Pat?


Bear with is spelt bear, bare body is spelt bare!

Been to collect son no. 3 from work, son no. 2 cycled home. 

Crispy duck and pancakes and loaded potato skins - decided to have a bit of both. Will probably end up with indigestion but after the mammoth clearing out session and downsizing of my wardrobe I think I deserve it (the food, that is, not the indigestion!)


I sent you a message earlier Dean-but yes



Pause in box sort out here.

OH & me having a very interesting time remembering trips out, concerts etc the majority pre daughter. A lot getting dumped in recycling pile. Old maps of places, old issues of guides, when I know we've got more recent.....

Not recycling the hand prints pic done by daughter at toddler/playgroup though- ahh, sweet.

Signing off now. Night all, J.

Deanos Diggin It

Night Jo! I'm gunnna call it a day too! Glad all as had a nice productive day! Bring on tomoz! Seed sowing day! Let the season begin! 

Goodnight Godbless All! 

Miss Becks

Night jo/dean!

Well, my little sis has just phoned to say her waters have just broke! It's her first baby, and thinks she knows everything about everything!



Heh heh---little does she know!!!

Hey--the sun is out here--sitting on the deck with my face up to it---feel like a flower!!!!

Had forgotten what it looks like!

Miss Becks

Aint that the truth Inka! No matter how many books she's read, and thinks she knows all, nothing will prepare her for the reality! 


You never can tell with babies. I had 4 and each birth was different, so was each child!

Miss Becks
See, I enjoyed all my 3 births, all with just gas and air, but as you say Lizzie, they are all different. But she has this fairy tale image in her head I think.

My son and partner read baby books cover to cover and expect everything to fit - 5 months in they have now admitted that books don't always fit the baby. Started not fitting with the books with the birth - emergency c-section - we've always said they'll learn -he he

As you sayLizzie everyone and evry child is different

Will it be the first time you will be an Aunty Becks?

Lucky you Inka, enjoy the sun ,  it was sunny here but oh so cold, did lots in garden though