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Miss Becks
No Bjay. my older sister has a lad as well.
Bunny ...
Could I just ask as someone new ...

Why was this thread/post set up ...was if for some regulars to keep in touch? For some chat on forum? .....I saw it was posted ages ago and Kate/Geoff weren't sure how it would go...but who for ? Sorry just curious .

Kate and Geoff had already initiated a long chat thread on another forum (that quite a few of us also contributed to) and when that forum was closed down we migrated over to here. Kate started this thread and its grown.....and grown.....and grown! Much like the other one did (where I believe the original question was about wallflowers but soon went off topic!)


Hope that answers your question Bunny! Off to bed now, night night.

Bunny ...
Just asking ! Thanks !



My wallflowers are blooming. Just sayin'!


It's Christmas Day and Santa does not appear to have been-not sure if I believe now .


Don't be sad, Geoff. I am sure he is on his way 

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Had to remove ice from the bird bath this morning, but a dull mild day ahead.


Jean Genie

Good morning  We had a sharp frost last night so left the heating on low in the conservatory after the re-potting marathon yesterday. Just a damp miserable day here now. Not sure why but the birds aren't bothering with the table at all lately but the fat balls are still being demolished.

Going to have a quick tidy up then back to it. Want to start off some more seeds today then off to visit daughter . OH doing some jobs in the house for her so I 'm going to have a mooch round her garden to see what she's got.

Enjoy your day ,everyone and your Xmas dinner Geoff

Any news on your sister yet, Auntie Becks ?  

Miss Becks

Morning Lovelies!

Very dull today compared to yesterday.

Geoff, you do know Santa doesn't come to naughty boys don't you?!

No news yet Jean!


Morning All

Happy Christmas Geoff!

A long wait then Becks?

Hi Sasha, you dropped in yesterday but I missed you.

Have decided to plat some veg seeds. The GH inside the GH always seems nice and warm so can only try

No frost here. Christmas tree is holding up at moment

Miss Becks
Rosa carriola wrote (see)

Morning All

Have decided to plat some veg seeds.

Why on earth would you want to plait veg seeds?? very difficult I should imagine. Are they for the rag dolls hair extensions??


Perhaps they are seeds of the bread fruit?


Morning All.

Hope Santa brings you lots of goodies Geoff.

Got a busy day so just a quick visit, Off to GC with lots of gift vouchers, then out for Sunday lunch at a restaurant courtesy of Groupon then to see Mum. She had a rather bad turn in the week, just want to see how she's doing, she seemed ok when we called on Friday, but at 99 nearly 100 you never know from day to day how she'll be.

That will just about take care of the day, will be in need of a nice quiet evening watching tv. Good night for us on Sunday, after the rubbish on Saturday evening.

Enjoy your day whatever you're up to, Happy Gardening and Geoff, don't eat too much Christmas Pud, just think of the waistline



Miss Becks

Ooh Chris, enjoy spending those vouchers! Jealous!

Im a happier bunny today, managed to get tickets for Mirandas show at the brighton Centre only catch is i have to wait till April 2014. Oh the excitement. Nearly wet myself watching her show on t.v. so will invest in a sturdy rair of knickers. Am i sharing too much do you think. Im just so excited. Finally sorted out which firm to do the roof hope they can start soon.

Going to have a look at the seeds today to see which can be started off early

Hope you are all well after all all the falls and bumps, for once i have not fallen over in quite a while. Such fun



It is a grey day today. I wish I was having Christmas dinner.

Cooking a roast chicken today so not quite a christmas dinner but we can dream


We do all seem to have very aging parents/grandparents and the winter certainly tales it toll.

On a brighter note Sasha has left us all a post on another thead again, it's getting quite interesting finding where she puts them 

Don't know how to correct it - Becks do you?

Cup of tea then off to plait my seeds - a new growing method suitable for novices