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When we moved here 18 months ago all my tools were organised neatly on hooks and shelves on the garage wall and I could find everything - then my parents moved into a Res. Home and I became responsible for bits of their furniture (that nobody wants) and crates of their belongings (that can't be got rid of ) - there're all in front of my gardening tools 


When I retire one of my first jobs will be to empty it out and organise it - but for this season I'm going to have to burrow underneath the heaps if I want to find anything 


 No matter how big the shed, it will always be full of something.


That's not a shed ............ it's a barn


Yes, I took this just after treating the wood.

We had pulled down a wall at the back of the house,that provided the stone, the timber cladding was very cheap because the local timber yard machined it the wrong size for a customer.



Oh some of these look good! Is that sad? I'll have to read these thoroughly when I get back from time now!

Highland Jeannie wrote (see)

I wonder whether people's sheds are like their houses for order & tidiness??  (We can't throw away anyhting "just in case" & our house, loft, garage & shed all reflect that)

Ah, someone after me own heart, sounds just like us, Jeannie. Main thing is that it feels like home!



Every time I throw something away I need it. Unless it's total rubbish of course. One day I will be back to 9 stone and I will need all those clothes - and they'll be back in fashion because fashion goes round in cycles!

Gardening Grandma wrote (see)

Don't kid me, Zoomer. You are a neat and organised person. I might open the door, shut my eyes and throw, shutting the door fast before anything could fall out again!


GG- That sounds just like my sister's kitchen...

Brum I think I saw that too. I have a shed here which is a novelty for me. Last house had a huge garage and a workshop so room for masses of 'stuff' and my house before had a garage so I kept tools in there- and my car- unusual I know!  The girls had a playhouse which we kept various pets in and I made a little window box for it and grew climbers up it so it was quite sweet.

This shed is a decent one and the lady I bought it from left lots of useful stuff  but I will be putting up hooks and shelves for all the bits and bobs so that'll keep me busy.

On a related note- has anyone done the 'green roof' on their shed? I'd quite like to do that and wonder if anyone has had success with it. All suggestions gratefully received!

The Doctor

I have one and a half sheds, both are former outside toilets.

The whole shed is outside the kitchen door, still waiting for warmer weather to finally take the toilet bowl out and panell the walls so I can hang stuff on. The half a shed has stupidly thick walls and no door or roof so that is the main project for the summer.

I have a wooden shed, has anyone tried a metal shed?


I have a metal shed that I use for horse food and grooming kit. It got very hot in summer so I stuck some aluminium foil type insulating stuff on the ceiling and it's much better.

star gaze lily

We have recently got a shed so its very tidy at the moment, with just a few tools hung on hooks. There is a double shelf/bench running along one length under the window (potting shed) lawn mower also in there. The rest is in the garage. It locks with a key but we also have a padlock on it. We back onto fields and woods.


and summer house with olympic  flags our  youngest son was  a games maker

 heres mine a few years back .6x6 post war ex council . 

Eddie J

I design and construct outbuildings, sheds and garages for a living, and often think that I'd love to be able to afford what I construct. Example below. Sadly I never get to lay them out inside though.









The shed/workshop that I built at our last house was this one, which I spent many happy hours in. It was just as a man cave should be, and was a bit of a meeting place for evening socialising with mates.




But since we moved some four years or so ago, other than the shed below that I made to house the usual gardening gear, I have been without a shed. The only cost involved in making the shed below was for the ballast and cement to cast the base. The rest was just salvaged rubbish.









Just this week I decided that the time has come for me to make a proper man cave, so I have decided to convert half of the garage into a shed/workshop. I have only just started the project, but you can get the idea. With any luck it should be neat and tidy inside with everything just in it's place.











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