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Mine gets cleared out once a year in the spring, but is again full of stuff before I know it, so there's usualy only about a square yard of floorspace to work with!


Evening all.

Ours is a ramshackle wooden lean-to and has about as much space to move around in as BobtG's. Apart from stuff like fertilizer, pond food and garden tools it also gets used for car bits, motor oil cans, reserve batteries and all sorts of odds and sods!

I use my shed to store my lawnmower and deck chairs.


Wish I had a shed  ...................

Forgot also store a bike in there.



Shed is not my domain - greenhouse is.  Funny how the lines get drawn without even thinking about it !


All my gardening stuff is in the garage - along with a load of furniture and my parents' stuff - when I retire in the autumn the first job is to sort the garage out and organise all my gardening stuff - I've probably got two of most things just 'cos I can't find anything

I've got a stone built shed, the walls are so thick it'd probably make a decent bomb shelter. Spare fridge ( mostly used for seeds), small upright freezer, old microwave ( for sterilising old potting compost) ladders, clothes props, pressure washer, cloches and pots all live in there. I replaced the nasty sloping asbestos roof with a flat root and decking, so which is the main sitting area in the garden.
Sometimes it's tidier than others!
Oh and garden tools as well.

Now that would be great to have 2 sheds.

Gardening Grandma

Large tools are in the garage, small tools, pots and bulbs waiting for planting are in a plastic bench meant for storing garden cushions. Its a shambles but I can find things. Definitely not neat!

I also store tools in my shed, my shed is very tidy.

I've a shed. It needs to be tidy or all the stuff in there simply wouldn't fit in. Every available space is used.

It's a 4 by 6, the wide side has double doors, there's shelving at the back, for everything from pots, trays and fertilizers to fence paint, nails and hammer. Pots need washing before storing or they simply wouldn't all fit in. Hooks and nails on the side panels to hang folding chairs and small hand tools. Even the double doors have hooks for regular use tools like rake, hoe, edger hand spade and fork. A gas bar-be-cue also fits in and it's not a small one.  The lawn mower fits in leaving a ft square to walk in and out.

I get mice in the in winter so all the fertilizers, feeds and stuff which come in bags need to be put in plastic labelled containers.  

As it's one side of the patio, it's painted to look kinder on the eye and has flowering, pots in front with trellis on the side. Last year sunflowers were grown up the trellis and morning glory in the pots. Not sure what to grow there this year.


Zoomer great idea about the hooks, I may borrow that.

Gardening Grandma

Don't kid me, Zoomer. You are a neat and organised person. I might open the door, shut my eyes and throw, shutting the door fast before anything could fall out again!



 The hooks on the doors are two racks screwed along the top beam of either door, they  were in the old kitchen used to hang utencils on. The hooks slide along a rail. For longer tools like hoe and rake I also put clips on the middle beam of the door to stop them swinging or dropping off the hooks when the door is opened.

You need to be mindful to distribute the load on each door as weight may put strain on the hinges. I've not had any problems though.        

GG  I've cupboards in the kitchen like that. Pre-shed days I had to trudge down to the basement for anything to do with the garden, a tidy shed is lazy gardening in Zoomer's garden

Oakley Witch
Hmmm. I have my workshop which has some tools in it but my mower and bigger tools are in the big shed. Along with masses of tools...spare plastics...2 engines, 4 motorbikes and 1 pushbike. Few haps and a sterio. I would love a garden shed that was mine. Sigh, one day lol. Oh...and its not very tidy until the bikes are rebuilt then there will be some organisation. I hope.


OH has a lovely wooden shed, bought last year. We painted it and I planted clematis on 2 sides. In this photo (which some of you have seen already and are probably getting fed-up with!) you can see a clematis which looks very sad, but it's coming into bud now, a Montana. He keeps it beautifully tidy. I have a lean to behind the garage for tools, it's always a mess and I have the GH, which is usually a mess too, but at the moment it's full of baby plants.

Highland Jeannie

We have the lawn rake & loppers attached to the shed door as they're awkward to store.

As we're beside a golf course we decided that a greenhouse wasn't a good idea  so went for a "potting shed" it has glass that slopes out, with a potting bench along under the glass. (Don't know whether I'd go for that again, though). 

The shed seems to be constantly full & gets a tidy up a couple of times a year or when things get too bad .  Tall canes stand in a large paint pot & short ones in an old teapot on the bench. There are mugs & yogurt pots with odd, less-used small tools, labels, pencils, etc. I have 1 of those rectangular plastic "carry alls" for the main players so that they can all come out together.  Brooms & hoes are on their handles in our old chimney pots in the garage.

I wonder whether people's sheds are like their houses for order & tidiness??  (We can't throw away anyhting "just in case" & our house, loft, garage & shed all reflect that)

Are women's sheds like their handbags??