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Orchid Lady

I know there have been a few threads recently about people being not happy with their free offers or wondering whether to get them / are they worth the postage.

Well today my free lavenders have arrived, 48 little tiny babies, all in good condition and packaged as expected.  My 48 free perennials arrived a couple of months ago in exactly the same way, I potted them into a tray of single cells - one in each obviously - and when they had grown enough to fill them I repotted to 10cm pots.

These are my lavenders

 And these are my perennials 

 From left to right I think they are Delphinium, Coreopsis, Geum and Campanila - if that is wrong feel free to correct me 


Aww they're so cute and tiny!! I'm just hoping I have enough pots. They look in fantastic condition I can't wait for mine to arrive.


I think that's really helpful OL - some people don't know how tiny their little plants are going to be. 


I do feel sorry for people who buy them expecting a dedicated lorry to appear with masses of green for less than the cost of a few pints. OL - have they labelled which ones are which? (Not that I imagine even with the most delicate of touches mine will have labels in come the end of the month!)

I hope I've enough pots!

Orchid Lady

Thanks Dove, that's why I've done it. I must admit to being a tad disappointed when I received my perennials, but now I know what to expect and how quick they grow it's fine.....and I can start planning next summer 

Clari......don't be silly, it's Tracey you're talking to  Why do you think I put the comment at the bottom.....I've been googling pictures trying to work out which one is which!!! To be fair, I did label them initially but when they git potted on all the labels seemed to disappear  Those seed trays with individual modules are ideal for a few weeks Clari, that's what I used and will be using again until they are bigger.



Ha ha. I meant that we were expecting several different coloured lavenders. I just wondered if they had marked them out so you'd know ahead of planting.

Or would that be too easy?

If you take cuttimgs...your own or cadge them from friends and neighbours.....they will be just as big, or bigger, than the plugs often supplied.  It's how I started my garden collection.

I took lavendar cuttings last year for a friend.....I planted a bed of them for her.....and this year they are already filling 9cm pots.  All for FREE 

Whenever I buy a plant or shrub I take cuttings from them or, if they are large enough and out of season I divide them.......for FREE.

I have never been happy with plug purchases.....really,,they are no quicker or better than your own propagated ones 

Busy Bee2

Mine arrived today with a little note to say which were which, but in my hurry to pot on I have not labelled them so will get a surprise I guess.  I got 47 cos one of the plugs was empty!  Anyway, they are all in pots on the nursery table in the sunshine now, well watered in!! 

mine have arrived today too. 47!
I've scoured the garden for enough pots, found sons paints and painted 12 each red,green,yellow,blue. (guess that says something about me!).
They are labelled in the packaging so hoping ill know what's what later !
Orchid Lady

Verdun, I understand you don't like the free offers, but as a full time working mum I don't have the time that you have and also I have never taken cuttings yet, although as I've said on another thread I am going to try.  I am at the moment still learning, as are others on here and I've posted this to try and help those that want to take advantage of the free offer so they know what to expect. Each to their own of course and in time I may fully agree with you, but for now we will have to agree to disagree 

MrsGarden, great idea, I have some paint that I used to paint the boys monkey puzzle tree pots so will use that.  Busy bee, that's usually what I do, but lesson learned 


If I take cuttings of my lavenders I'll end up with the same colour throughout, my family all live too far away to comfortably pinch bits out their gardens and my friends are not... well flowers are a bit of a grey (brown, dried, sad looking) area (also they're normally filled with cuttings that came originally from my own garden so we're back to the beginning).

This way I get a few different varieties to add a little more interest into my garden without having to spend too much cash - something that's rather dear to my wallet (well; we are in Yorkshire and I do now have a wedding to save up for!)

Yes it isn't the quickest nor easiest way of achieving the lavender hedge I want along the length of the lawn but I guess that's the fun of gardening we all have different needs and whims.

I'm going to have to try to remember the paint idea - I've been trying really hard to label things PROPERLY this year but I've still managed a few "plantus unidentifidus"


OL - like you I've not ventured into the taking cuttings yet. I really must do something and get my rosemary plant "harvested" so I'll have fresh ones to put out in a few years when it gets all woody.

Busy Bee2

Cuttings are a good way of getting free plants, and I have been reading up and intend to get into all that next year or indeed for some things, later in the summer.  They do however, leave you with lots of the same plant, which may be great (am going to try striking box cuttings in September).  The free offers are a way of getting different things.  I could take cuttings of my massive lavenders in the garden, but I was interested in the idea of white and pink lavender, and the effects they could have.  So for me, this particular offer was a good one, and I am pleased with what I have got. 

I am now going to order the 48 butterfly-friendly perennials in this month's edition, because they are all varieties of plants I don't already have, and since I have been merrily felling nettles in the paddock, it seems only polite to give the butterflies something back (although they still have an acre of nettles out there, so won't miss the comparatively small area I have been clearing!!)  I think the kid in me just delights in getting something in the post!! 

Orchid Lady

I'm ordering those too Busy Bee and agree on having lots of plants the same.  I am going to take cuttings from my Hydrangea and try it but that's because it is in the front and I want one or two for the back, the same with Fuschias.

I am also going to try and grow some babies to sell next year at car boots so I can put that money towards some plants on my wish list and / or a cold frame.

Busy Bee2

That's an interesting idea OL - we have the mother of car boot sales a couple of miles from here - it comes up on those telly programmes where people buy junk and sell it on all the time.  Mind you, you have to go pretty early in the morning on a Sunday to get a good pitch.....

Orchid Lady

I would do that Bee, seen as I will have no plant money at all for a while as we are on a mega strict budget, this year I had load of chilli plants and I've given them away, I could probably have made about £20 just on chilli plants 


Busy Bee2

I seem to have a knack with chillies too - they are doing really well in the greenhouse and delicious too.  So maybe you have a business idea there..... and I won't flood your market either, being so far away. 

I have just received my 48 perennials (Coreopsis, Geum and Campanila etc). They are indeed very small but all alive and healthy enough (apart from one cell that is empty). I potted them all on on Saturday. The process was quite easy too. The plugs come off easily, no roots cut in half... If they all survive, I will be very happy.


How strange that everyone seems to have gotten 47. I got 48 but one is most definitely dead so another 47 here. Gosh the smell when you open the box for the first time is potent!

Mine are all potted up in plugs - labelled! I'm just hoping inquisitive visitors on Sunday don't mix them up. 

We're on a mega mega strict budget now for the garden. Alas I can barely give plants away to friends I'd never be any good at selling them!

Orchid Lady

Gosh they were late Flowerliver, I repotted my free perennials yesterday.  I lost a couple that hadn't been growing and when I took them out they had no roots, but that may be my fault.  I'd so I've had about 80% success rate with mine! but that's partly my fault.

Clari, I misread your earlier post and have just realised what you meant, yes they do label them so you know which variety is which, I thought you meant had I labelled them, sorry LOL 

joyce mannell

Orchid Lady

were did you get your free plants from as I like anything free