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Hi all ,I'm planting Clematis(Nelly moser)and Honeysuckle at our shaded front door (north facing) would one large planter be good or keep them separate in two planters. they will i hope climb the trellis together and look quite good later,



Depends how big the planter is. I have Nelly Moser with a climbing Rose Falstaff from David Austin. The planter is 100cm long by 50cm wide. The rose flowers when Nelly Moser has finished as it's quite early. Just remember to feed and water them.


Sounds like a lovely idea, when they are in flower - but what for the rest of the year? The leaves are pleasant enough, but nothing to write home about - maybe some annual climbers in their pots?  They will not disturb the roots of the clematis so much.

flowering rose

sounds a good Idea,I have Nellie Moser by my front door for a number of years and she is still going strong a(although a bit yellow this year) she is in the ground and flowers on her own  as she has big flowers but with honeysuckle that sounds good.The other side of my door has a Iceberg climbing rose,I think  its a lovely welcome to the home when its all in flower.


many thanks for all your answers good luck all




It depends on the site of the planter. If it is too big then you should go for one planter as it will come in between of the front door and if its not that big then go for two separate planters.

Hi Alan, 

If your planter is big enough consider  including 'Star Jasmine' - evergreen climber - dark green leaves that turn bronze in winter, fragrant white flowers mid-late summer.


I didnt think clematis liked shade, north facing walls, just roots shaded

Lyn, would C.alpina  -alpine clematis work..the blurb says 'ideal for north or east facing site' ? 

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