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This was my alpine pan with a little cyclamen



That's very lovely Fairygirl


Fairygirl, I am very impressed by your incredible garden. Mine is a cottage garden (almost ashamed to post the pics

) but here goes;


 Top; Turkish tulip, above burberis...

 Origano, rescued from B&Q at death's door for 50p two weeks ago.


 Seedlings hardeneing and being returned to greenhouse each night.


Lovely Artjak - particularly the orange combo!  Don't you just love it when something like that comes together.  Keep the pics coming - cottage gardens are my favourite


Art the figs look great! I love tulips and will get some for pots this winter. Couldn't have them at that house cos of rabbits. Your seedlings are doing well and you're wise to take your time. I've got mine out overnight now but I've done it over several weeks as they were in the kitchen and with the cold weather it would have been disastrous to stick them out too quickly! Re your 50p oregano-isn't it great when you get a bargain and nurse it back to health 

And yes it was a lovely place and hard work-but it came at  too high a price I'm afraid (and I don't mean financially). That's life. My new plot offers a different challenge and that's what I try to focus on -hard though it is. sometimes. 



Fairygirl, have we seen you new plot yet? Sorry I sometimes don't have time to read through a whole thread.


No artjak- but I've taken a few pix so I'll pop some on later. It's not terribly exciting-slabs, gravel, fences and grass! I've just been out trying to weed and was chopping back a pine tree which is too big for where it's been planted. Been a bit rainy here today so not done as much as I wanted.


Well have tried to post several times -hope it works this time

Nope - rubbish will try tomorrow HUH!!

hollie hock

Onwards and upward Fairygirl

Been out to Usk castle today, just on our doorstep but not ever been there before, what a treat







Great pix hollie! What a lovely sunny day you had too

 New plot- pic 1 is part of the back (slabs and gravel and fence!)

pic 2 is the side of house looking in same direction as pic 1(fenced off bit is what you see part of in pic 1)

pic 3 is the side looking other way (towards the front)

As I said-grass, gravel , slabs and fence! 

The potty gardener

Wow what a placew Hollie hock.

FG grass, gravel, slabs and fence for now but you will gradually change it to what you want


FG I am sure it will be great once you get into it 

My garden

 This is the jewell bed I was asking for help with

 2 views of the bed I have just planted up - not all perennials yet


Tulip Gavota - a discovery for me this year


 FFountain - in the jewell bed





Matty, I love that gavota tulip but it doesn't with me any longer than the others. I had a dozen last year. One this year. I'm thinking of planting in pots and lifting when they go over and see how I get on like that.


Matty - love the way the tulip picks up the colour of the Acer!


My Gavota are in pots


hollie hock

Loads of space do stuff with Fairygirl Matty, really like the curvy beds, what have you got going in them?

The castle was amazing, a really special place


...Matty's garden looks worth rummaging around in, and so private it seems... I like that very much... similar sentiments to nutcutlet regarding Gavota tulips, they failed for me this year... I shall keep in greenhouse in future...

..not that she needs it, but let me now turn to Fairygirl's scopey garden and plant it up for her.. I know she won't mind and I so enjoy this sort of thing...

photo 1, I see a bare wall next to a bench, a white/grey wall that needs a plant like Fremontodendron, if it can be grown there... I might try that one... with some tying in - fan shape... it's quite spectacular and long season... I'd have to take up a slab I think..

that brown fence with horizontal panels... I think a car port is the other side..? maybe put a scented honeysuckle if this fence isn't used for anything in particular... block out those windows opposite too and fragrance whilst hanging out the washing...

photo 2, I think that bent little tree might come out, replace with maybe Malus floribunda, out now... lovely pink flowers...or Cornus kousa 'Chinensis'.. not too big...

photo 3

nice hedge along the roadside... low hedge, lavender... something like that... cheapish...

..there you go..... no charge...

anyone got any other ideas...? I think it's nice to suggest things, it shows an interest...



Thanks for comments and you can 'rummage' whenever you like 

And yes Salino it is fairly private, but am also blessed with brilliant neighbours on each side

In the curved bed i have just planted a lavender hedge along the curve - alternate Hidcote and Munstead, Within it there are some nicotiana mutabilis (I think) , verbena bonariensis, penstemon, canterbury bell, knautia, eremurus, echinops, very much a work in progress, and will eventually be all perennials, just tried to fill in the space. To come are pennisetum, achillea, pinks, 

At the one end are some cordon fruit trees. and other stuff Watch this space really.

Solar lights on a bower type affair were put up today and workl wa-hay 

Salino lovely, and you are so lucky to have good neighbours... you must keep hold of those... I had neighbours from hell move in and had to move out after 15 years living peacefully, left all my beautiful garden behind... they were just awful... I like it where I am now but have had to start again...

I have Pennisetum orientale, which is just such a fabulous flowering plant... if you like grassy things of course...  look forward very much to hearing of your continued progress.... we will rummage by internet as we go along...

I'm surprised you haven't mentioned Gaura's... I find they have such a long flowering season... do try some, if you haven't already....


Spent today cutting back last year's dead stems on the Gauras - thought I had lost them,but delighted to see they are sprouting from the base.