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I just love your garden


Some pics of the show gardens at the Malvern Show. 

Seemed to be a lot of emphasis on foliage this year.





 This last pic is the gold award/best in show


Lovely pics Matty - thanks for sharing.  So glad you had a good day


Really nice pics great lot of effort into those gardens there I like foliage but I do like colour and flowers

Nice of you to share like seeing pics of garden designs


Lovely Pics

Good thing I can turn my lap top on its side

Chives - what a lovely colour (note to get some)

Matty had two pots of chives I cut each plant into four and that's one quarter I lefit them in the greenhouse until last month and now I've 8 plants looking like that lol.


The potty gardener

Love the pots going up the steps Paul. I was wondering why your chives are in flower so much before mine. I just left mine out all winter so that would explain it.

yeah he them in the greenhouse to recover from repotting then had to turf them out due to lack of space. 



Our 2nd garden!

Just wanted to share the Magnolia, looking lovely just now.


Paul you have an amazing view is it your lake ? what part of the country are you in


Nice to see you and OH too, if they are you! Lovely Magnolia.



Busy-Lizzie..that's my Mum aged 85 !!! and my Brother. He helps me & hubby maintain Mum's 1/3rd acre, as it's getting too much for her now.

Love seeing photos of people's gardens. At some point I'll do some of mine, with me aged 55


Can't really see them properly, not big enough! I'm 61.

Look forward to seeing your garden. I love seeing people's garden pics.


I'm still 27 

Wow, these photos are gorgeous. If I can figure out how to do it I'll start posting some