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Beautiful dahlias Dean

Pam LL x


All these hellebore pctures make sme realise that I must aim to have some in the garden for next year. At the moment I have one, bought a couple of weeks ago.  Those double ones look stunning


Sam posted these last night

Sam Glendinning wrote (see)

I started a year ago on a plot that had been abandoned for 25 years. Thought I would show you the difference.

 This is what it was a year ago


 This is last summer



 New beds put in and lawn shaped in Feb..

 Ans this is how it stands at the moment. New turf layed two weeks ago, beds finished, Arch in and barrel moved. More to come soon

Anyone else got any pics of before and after???


I started my garden over 20 years ago so the before pics aren't on my lap top, but here is a bed I did, started 2011. Had to remove a conifer and dig in lots of compost and manure. In one with bulbs coming up the edge looks messy but has been sown with grass.

The conifer is behind the sundial.





Gardening Grandma

Fab, busy Lizzie. Your garden looks glorious and I'm envious of all that space and the lovely surroundings.




 after, as far as I got before it rained!! Now I have a stinking cold, and because the soil is so high in clay, it'll turn into a mud bath if I walk on it to put the raised beds up. Guess I'll be trying to start some of my veg off in the GH.

Some lovely gardens here, I'm very envious, I'm concentrating on the food production side firstly in my garden, I'll slowly be shaping the rest throughout the year.


great garden busy lizzie,what a beautiful place well done


what a great space brummie ben i know it will look fantastic when its done the trellis fence did you make it,i reckon the neigbors will be looking through the holes to see what you are doing,fantastic


Yeah I made the trellis fence, well I put the posts in and screwed the panels on! They may well be peaking through the holes right now, but on this side I have stapled thin wire fencing (to give the plants something to grip) and planted 3 clematis. On the other side are 4 climbing roses which will be trained across over the trellis. All three clematis are quite substantial plants (5+ years old) so when they get their feet in they should go great guns. They are all type 2 as well so once I have the main framework ove the trellis, it'll simply be a case of pruning back to the trellis every year.


please show us all as it developes,i am so jealous well done i say.


Just so all these lovely pics don't disappear, I'll add my photo of 20th Jan. 2013


 When the heatwave arrives, we'll look back and how we shall laugh   

I, at last, see why we should post pictures of our gardens..we get to know the characters better, the styles of gardens, we see the effort made and we see the love and care poured into them. And they are an encouragement to all of us.

Very philosp, phliposc, philipschofield, Verdun

Bunny ...
Finally Verdun ... You've got it it's like open gardens for friends


Bunny ...
Great pics everyone. Hollie what a change.
Ben looking good, look forward to updates.
liz what are the yellow flowers to left on last pic ?

Hello Bunny, do you mean the ones on the right? They are Phlomis Russeliana.

Bunny ...
LOL yes I meant right ...well done . Yes those , I haven't seen those before thanks I've made a note .
Gardening Grandma

Flobear, you made me laugh.

Verdun, you are so right. We are getting acquainted.


Morning GG, I'm glad about that