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Sorry LeadFarmer, I understand that I SHOULD be seeing that toolbar and that tree icon (I have discovered the Forum Help with its section entitled "How to format a forum message, as mentioned in my earlier post at 13:11 today). The trouble is that toolbar just isn't there, it's absent, not a dicky bird (or Birdy!). And I can find no way of getting it to appear!
Thank you again for trying to help. I'm leaving it with GW website managers now.

Thats a strange one, sorry i cant help. Good luck.



Having contacted GW web managers about the missing toolbar that should have been above my discussion window I am relieved to say it has at last appeared. Thank you GW and thanks again to all forum members who tried to help me manage to post photos in this forum.

To start me off: Here is a lovely little shrub I saved by judicious hard pruning earlier this year...


and a more recent photo... 


... But I don't know what it is. Can anyone identify please?



 Photo does not really do it justice.


Hate to tell you Birdy ....but the pix aren't there... Back to the drawing board.

I did see a few others posts like that but I don't know the reason why they don't work. It must be the way you link them or something. I'm not techy enough to know the answer -sorry.

Lovely one Netherfield.






 The last picture shows a large gap on the left hand side which is prepared space for my greenhouse in case you are wondering.

Lavender Lady

 Wisteria in my garden today, just beautiful.








You have a lovely garden, Wintersong. And not a single slug nibble on the hostas. They all enlarged very well too. Bet you are looking forward to the greenhouse!


Wintersong, beautiful garden

Wintersong what a great looking garden well done and bet you can't waite for your greenhouse more so for the winter. Lavender Lady your Wisteria is a beauty was thinking of getting one for along a fence think that's just made my mind up thanks.


 Aquilegia; I'm not crazy about the colour, I have seen much prettier ones in other gardens, but it does flower nice and early.


Lovely pix Wintersong, LLady and art. 

I quite like the colour art- what is it you don't like about it? William Guinness is one of my favourites- this one looks a bit lighter or is it just the sun?

 I love that last pic Wintersong- lovely 'view' back to the acer. That big 'ribby' hosta is good at keeping slugs away! The variegated ones are more prone but the tough bluey ones are definitely better at repelling them. Mine are nowhere near that size- not even the size of the variegated one. They were 'rescued' and in pots but they got a load of snow on them just as they were starting to show which didn't do them much good.


FairyG, the colour is quite dull really and reminds me of deadly nightshade; have never been keen on pink/red/purple, I'm much more of a blue/ yellow /orange person

 This is our new arbour made by my OH from recycled wood in the wild garden where i have my allotment

Was rather impressed by his attempt as he's not a gardener 

Lavender Lady i adore your wisteria

hollie hock

Looks beautiful wintersong, lovely hostas, only growing them for the first time here. I like the purple as well artjak.  Looks good Aliesh



Aliesh, I think your OH is a guerilla carpenter


Thanks guys, I'm happy enough with the changes I've made this year although I would like more maturity in the bottom half.

Maturity brings height and structure and without those design elements, everything just seems piddly and flat but things take years to grow ofc. Take the big blue hosta as an example. Doing better each year but only half way to maturity I've read currently at 4yrs old. I nearly split it this year to make more until I read that doing that to the big blue ones sets them back a good few years in vigour.

The green acer above is nearly twenty years old and I'm very happy with it this year as it's canopy seems to be really full. The smaller red acer is currently sitting in it's pot because I wanted to make a feature of it for a few years but its already starting to overtake the pot in only it's third year. I bought it as a twig...because acers are normally so expensive, but I do love them so much. 

It will have to move though, as I don't think its really at home in my courtyard garden, but I think I have the perfect spot for it once the landscaping is finished in that area.

I'm looking forward to seeing many more garden photos from you guys now the sun is mostly shining, I just love to see what you are all up to.


My oriental poppies are coming out.

 And the double aquilegias are still in flower, been out some time now.

 And the pansies round the sundial are still well out.



B.L. love the photos, especially the sundial one, it appeals to my love of fairly formal gardens.


Gorgeous garden Busy-Lizzie although I wouldn't want to have all that mowing to do