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OH does most of the mowing, but we have a tractor mower - a man toy! I do weeding, pruning and planting.


Lovely pics from everyone. Really enjoy seeing other people's plants & gardens.


Just catching up on all the pics - you all have such beautiful gardens, and I love seeing how everyone's individual style shines through!

Hollie, the yellow and blue are violas. First time I have used them this year, and I am now a real fan. As Lizzie's beautiful sundial shows, they just go on and on!


Morning all! Sun shining here at last, but only until Wednesday! I do wish you Brits would stop sending all your rain over here!!

Lizzy your double aquiligias are gorgeous. The seeds I bought from Irland weeks ago are just beginning to peep through. I hope they will be as lovely as yours, got 4 different colours.


 Hi everyone, just signed up so thought i`d post a photo of my garden about a week before i moved in, in Sept 2011. The old chap who had the bungalow before me lost interest after his wife passed away years ago, but apparently he was a keen gardener, hence the huge greenhouse. I`ll post some more recent ones shortly.




 These photos were taken when we had summer back in April, the gorgeous fence is to keep the puppy off until she`s trained to stay off, it has been replaced by green fencing before the neighbours think i`m completely insane. Hopefully the horsetail is dead as i havn`t seen any so far this year, the bindweed that has just appeared has had a dose of weedkiller put on it yesterday as has started to brown off already, just the ground elder to go 


 All the areas you can see with the road scalpings on are the areas for decking, i had to dig the soil down by about a foot, fill with rubble and top off with the scalpings, hopefully i`ll get the decking done this year. All the soil had to sieved by hand to get the horsetail out and then compost added ( back breaking work for sure).


Hi Fred, you're working wonders, back breaking as you say but you'll get there, you've done a lot in such a short time. Good luck, looking forward to more photos as you progress. Welcome to the forum..very knowledgeable folks, friendly & fun..hope you enjoy as much as I do.

p.s. At least you don't post tiny photos like I do. Haven't got the hang of it yet.

hollie hock

Great pictures busy lizzie, looks idyllic. I've grown some violas here but only in pots. I did try a while ago to put some young ones out but they were eaten overnight. Might be worth giving it a go with some more established plants

That sounds like a lot work fred



It`s pretty easy KEF, but then i`ve been using forums for donkeys years (especially the one`s that use old format). Click on the tab that looks like a tree^ click select to choose a photo from your computer, once you`ve chosen the photo by clicking on it and highlighting it blue, then click open. You`ll then see the file name appear next to where it says select, click on upload, it will take about 15 to 20 secs to upload and then it will ask you to save it, so save it and voila it will appear on your post, here`s a photo i took earlier



Thumbs up @ fred#60 and welcome to the forums


Thank you hollie hock.

Welcome Fred. I wish you luck, I'm sure it will all be lovely. I hope there is some good soil there if the previous owner used to be a keen gardener. Keep us posted.


Thanks everyone, the soil if it can be called that is very, very sandy. Great for digging over in any weather but low in nutrients obviously so every winter i add bags of compost ( i steer clear of manure for weed reasons) I took some photos yesterday of the few flowers on show at the moment



 By the way my name is actually Derek, somehow i ended up as a Fred  


Fredderek  - love that poppy. Think I might also have the same phlox as you (see earlier photo) - I love playing gardening snap!!

The potty gardener

Welcome to the forum Fred.

Thank you nfor the great pics everyone.

Lizzie I think you could produce a book showing all the wonderful pics of your garden.



Thanks Bev, I think my head is getting bigger, you're always so nice about my garden! It is a lot of work though, so it's great when people say nice things.


Fred 60 - What a lot of hard work - well done

. Be sure to keep us all updated on your progress

Salino I love that sundial with the viola's... and that huge sweeping lawn....

lovely photos, one and all....

Morning Fred and warm welcome to the forum

Looks like an exciting project you have there.  Like the others I will enjoy seeing your progress.


My favorite before the wind & rain got to it.

 2 weeks ago, now happy in final pots

 Cosy inside 2 weeks ago, off to greenhouse ASAP & to new homes.

 Make do & mend. The secret that came from the garage last weekend. Better than 3 upturned pots and old piece of pallet.