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Gary Hobson

For those of you who have not yet discovered the joys and convenience of mail order gardening, these snaps show a parcel from Crocus that arrived last week. I ordered on the Wednesday, and the parcel arrived on the Friday...

With the exception of some hellebores and snowdrops (snaps on the first page of this thread), my garden is looking dismal at the moment. But this is how it looked last July...

Bunny ...
Wow Gary I could sit amongst that garden all day

Here is my contribution to the garden gallery: 

Bergenias - bog standard plants but they always are a herald of spring - you can also see the clay

 And this is a euphorbia - I don't know the variety but it is now, before the flowers appear with those lovely colours that I rate

 Unfortunately it is in the white border so it will be moved. I have seen a green variegated one but again don't know the variety, so if any one knows,please tell


Bjay, I like Euphorbias though have only got a couple of small self seeded ones that I found. How big does the one in the photo get?


Bjay, the bergenias are commonly called 'elephant's ears'? If so, I'm amazed some of these plant names are beginning to stick, a bit like your soil by the looks!



 Ben - walked on a bit newlt dug yesterday to retieve an up turned pot and I stuck 

The euporbia isn't in a good place it was put there as I had a space and it needed to come out of its pot. I guess about 60 - 75 cm. Whenn its flowers come I'll post another photo but no seedlings - sorry


That's OK Bjay, I wasn't expecting any. I have some GC tokens and intend to buy one or two.

Caz W

I love seeing everyone's photos

and hope this thread keeps going!  Here are some pictures I took this morning:

The ever increasing purple crocus patch

 Tete-a-tete daffs from the pound shop

 Hellebore from a plant sale so don't know which one it is!

 My "woodland" - a work in progress!!


Pottie Pam

Had to put a photo on as Geoff told me off for posting on the wrong forum.  

These were a pound shop buy too.

Love all the photos. I wish I could grow crocuses or is it croci? The mice seem to get them.


Thanks Pam-have bought your photo over here as well-so now you are in two places

Pottie Pam wrote (see)

I took this photo today. The pink ones aren't in flower yet and there's no sign of some very dark, almost black, ones i planted last year


Pam, I have conducted research in several online dictionaries and it appears that both plurals are acceptable; even though the word is of Greek and not Latin origin 'croci' is given. Personally I much prefer crocuses.


Thank you all for brightening a very dull day with only filing to look forward to.

Lovely jubbly



My computer (poor reception area) is starting to take rather a long time to get the photos, especially Bev's. I had to stop looking at Happy Marion's thread on winter wonderlands because her photos were too big. Some photos come quite quickly. Oh, Bev's hyacinth has just arrived!

Caz W

Liz - my laptop (mobile broadband) can take a while to download some of the larger files. I always try to remember to make my photos smaller before posting.  There are a few ways of doing this - I use Microsoft Picture Manager to resize mine.  Geoff (Sotongeoff) is your man if any of you need "talking through" the other ways of resizing pictures 

Lovely hyacinth Bev



This is a picture of one of my climbing roses, called Sympathy. It must be at least 20 years old, was here when we moved in 15 years ago, had a thick trunk then already, but it flowers like crazy every year.