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The potty gardener

Beautiful Bunny. I love seeing everyone elses beautiful flowers and gardens.

Bunny ...
I'm really getting into hellebores now ...just sent mum the pics and loves the dark one, now to see if I can get her one too as be a while before I get a seedling I think .

This is a carex in apot. I also have it in my garden It gives year round interest and the group I have of them ripple when the wind blows. I do not know the variety




As we are an overcoat colder up here, the daffs in the garden are only just showing through, will be another 3 weeks before we see a flower, but I did bring this into the conservatory for forcing.


Sue H
Lyn I have a few large daffs out. Hundreds of tete a tete - which I love. All in the bleak north.



I found it useful seeing photos of peoples whole gardens on this forum, as opposed to individual plants. It gave me inspiration and ideas for my garden.

Heres my garden that I inherited when we moved into our house in 2007..


And how it looked last year..





 My daughter just sent these pictures from her garden , I grew these on from plugs and planted them only last spring,  her garden is very sheltered and its so much warmer in Cornwall.


LeadFarmer your garden is so much prettier, softer and more colourful since you took it over. What's that gorgeous big flowered pink clematis?

Lin those double hellebores are lovely.

Here's my garden last year as LF likes to see more of the garden. Though perhaps this gallery is for this year, but never mind.





Wow, thats some garden Busy-Lizie.

The clematis you see is Dr Rupell, my favourite.

Fantastic garden lizzie. I have a big garden that was very overgrown and neglected , it's mostly grass that was easiest for my dad to cope with, but I am gradually getting round to making beds and planting flowers. It's hard work for one and beloved is not keen.

My garden is still evolving, but for those who would like a peek at its peek 2012:




 My garden is 100ft rectangle shape on sandy soil. It's easy to dig but turns into a dust bowl in the summer. Nearest the house is very mature as we planted there soon after moving in some 18yrs ago. The bottom end of the garden is yet to mature as we only really begun in earnest 3yrs ago and the middle section is probably a little of both as the Acer tree is well into its teens yet it still has massive gaps in borders yet to fill out. Time, effort and money have not always been forthcoming.


Bunny ...
Lovely pics everyone. Mine is a young garden . Although was a slab of grass owned by neighbour before. I keep saving your garden images to look back on for ideas...who needs books

A very nice looking garden wintersong


Bunny, thats what I still do and it gives me ideas for changes. Dont be too jealous though, Ive only taken photos of the good bits of my garden, there are areas of my garden that dont look so good, but I neglected to photograph those bits!

Caz W
LeadFarmer wrote (see)

there are areas of my garden that dont look so good, but I neglected to photograph those bits!

 I don't think we'd get many photos if we started a thread "Worst Parts of the Garden Gallery"

Lovely gardens everyone - looking forward to more pictures as the growing season really gets underway.







what did I say LeadFarmer? Some lovely gardens here, and thanks for sharing, for someone like me, each pic is a million words! Very nice garden Wintersong, there is a flow which makes the person keep guessing, if I can get close to that, I'll be very happy.

Bunny ...
Same here Ben .... Just got to keep,working at it ..

discodave, thanks. The first thing I did when moving into the house (and before unpacking) was get rid of the narrow borders & straight edges of the lawn. Instead I gave the lawn some curved edges which helped make the borders deper.

I did grow dahlias in pots that year, and I might try doing the same again this year.