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I thought this was for garden pictures. I only mention this as some newer forum members are gettng confused and have posted some lovely garden photos on the old garden Gallery thread.


Garden pictures, garden related pictures, gardener related pictures (and cake is definitely gardener-related) - no rules, no pack drill, not even a filing system here 


Berghill: I have just 'toured' your old garden photos (1995 onwards). 

There was clearly going to  be an incredible amount of work involved - did you have a lot of prior experience plus a lot of help? 

Also did you plan what you were going to do with the site right from the start or was it just a matter of feeling your way over the (18?) years and focussing on one zone at a time?

The last photo (no 37) shows such a beautiful site (and sight) of 'Galanthus Nivalis' snowdrops: I am particularly interested in what type of soil they are growing - I presume the darker top layer we can see is natural woodland debris?

Which trees are the snowdrops growing under - they clearly love it there?

I'm looking forward to 'touring' the present day photo link you submitted In an earlier post.



Here are some more of my garden as some of you kind people have actually asked for them and I have actually worked quite hard so that is very rewarding. I'm lucky to have a big garden but there is so much more availailable land in France. This is the main flower garden at the back of the house.

 Rose Paul's Scarlet


 The pink rose trellis

 The kitchen terrace where I hold my charity events, when it's not raining, and where we eat in summer.




It's just beautiful BL.  I don't envy you the work you have to put into it though. Do you set yourself certain jobs to do every day or just go with the flow?


I walk round and think "I must do that bed this week" and then there are other jobs that have to be done at certain times, like pruning and planting annuals in pots. The pots are mostly around the house and don't really show in those photos.


BL, that rose Paul's Scarlet looks gorgeous - Ma planted one on the wall of the farmhouse where we lived when I was a child - it came in through my bedroom window which was never shut in the summer - takes me back - thanks 


After those 2 marvellous displays here are some flowers that I have in my garden


Rosa Glauca

Those 2 are for you Dove. The flowers only seem to last a day and this is the first year it has flowered.

 Peone 'Buckeye Belle'

 Iris 'Buckwheat'

 Part of the jewell bed



Lovely B-L. enjoyed those pictures immensely.

Birdy, last bit first. The trees above the Snowdrops are Damsons mostly, though Hawthorn is there as well. The soil is a nice mix of leaf mould, broken glass, scrap metal and bits of concrete asbestos (the kind used for garages once upon a time) You do not dig in there without gloves on believe me.

We bought the house with the land with the intention of starting a  Nursery, but ill health made that impossible so we  began the garden. There was no plan as such, except that we tried to have both open views and more secluded spots.

Much of the design was influenced by what was in or under the soil. For example, one area still has the concrete flooring of the three other house which were here until the 1950's.

Another design forced on us was/is the presence of hug numbers of old batteries (don't ask me why) from the modern right back to very early accumulator types. The veg patches had to go where there was none of these potential hazards to health.

All the work was done by myself and my wife with the occasional help from our daughters, but no outside paid help. One advantage of being unemployable is having plenty of time.


Thank you Berghill, I have enjoyed your garden very much too.

I'm glad you liked the rose, Dove.

Suberb peony, Bjay.


Thanks Matty - gorgeous photos   The colour of the rosa glauca foliage is wonderful isn't it  I love it.


Stunning garden Busy-Lizzie.

Matty2, your garden looks very well kept.

The far end of my garden is half dug up ready for a new path, but Ive halted proceedings due to bees tunnelling in the soil as I dont want to disturb them. The rest of my garden got a bit of new colour recently when the yellow Azalea started flowering...


This is my neighbours clematis which grows up her fence and then continues to grow wonderfully over my garage..


A few foxgloves starting to show thier flowers..


Hardly got any jobs done in the garden today, seeing as the weather was nice I spent most of the day sat on the patio BBQing a joint of lamb...


And a view of the garden from the patio, colour provided by aliums growing amongst potted oak trees...



Berghill: Thank you for indulging me by answering those questions (Earlier today)

 Many would be daunted by the hazards and obstacles that you faced, but your experience has got to be a lesson for all of us: you have taken control of each nightmarish difficulty and transformed your story into the dream of your making.   (Sorry, went all poetic and philosophical there for a moment! ) 


Not bad for someone who does not really like gardening!



You wouldn't know it.

I was the same - but I think it is gradually changing me - for the better, I think.

Felt low earlier, better now after an hour or so outside.


BL, your house and garden is truly wonderful looking. I envy you much, even the hard work as that's my kind of fun

Berghill, thank you for sharing your beautiful plot with its inspiring vistas and plant choices. I never tire of being nosey around your garden.

Matty2, the Rosa Glauca and the Iris are divine and I want both in my garden

Leadfarmer, I love your borders and climbers even if some of them are your neighbours

I can only hope to emulate these aspects in my own garden and love this forum for the knowledge, ideas and fun that is created by one and all.


Thank you all. Well kept I dispute. It is a relatively new garden - 2 1/2 years to 3 years old so full of unwanted weeds and planting mistakes.  Spent the day doing battle with Bindweed and walked into a large clump of nettles. (ouch!!!) Still designing. But thanks anyway, makes it worth while 


Just beautiful everyone.

LF- your garden is so neat and structured yet full of lovely contrasts and colour without jarring.

You're not the only one that can get all poetic Birdy...

I thought I'd lower the tone but maybe raise a laugh. Here's a pic I took earlier- well the fence and wire is still looking a bit bare as the clematis are just planted so I thought I'd make use of the space......

 It's a bit pants isn't it....

Think I've had too much sun.......