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Does look too dark, and excuse me if I'm just not seeing them, but can't see any ruffles either.  


Could nursery mistaken it for Velvet Night?


Thanks for your reply Tim. I'll look that one up. Beautiful colour isn't it? You're right - no ruffles- very fine and delicate looking. 


Tim -Velvet Night looked too blue as well!  It actually looks more like a water Iris in shape-it was with the laevigata ones and has grassy Sibirica type leaves.   Will have to research further!

I'll just go on admiring it for now anyway 


There are some lovely new photos on since since I last looked. I haven't been getting emails since yesterday from GW. Has anyone else got this problem?

John Harding


 I can't take any credit for growing these: I took the pictures at Thrieve Gardens, Dumfries & Galloway. John H

I note they don't enlarge when I click on them so I guess the file sizes are at about the limit.



Gorgeous; John.

I've just looked and having said I haven't any emails I've suddenly got loads!

John Harding

Try again, lower file size.




  I can't take any credit for growing these: I took the pictures at Thrieve Gardens, Dumfries & Galloway. John H


My gardens' not looking too bad at the moment. This time last year it was a building site as we where having renovations done to the house, all by our own fair hands

hollie hock

No hint of any poppies here yet, but seen a few self sown ones growing

Don't have any irises apart from a lone early one that always pops up in a window tray.

Love the new arrival Fairygirl, gorgeous velvety dark colour



it's lovely hollie isn't it? Better than a man any day...

Night Owl is similar in colour but one of the big ones. I bought another of those last week as I've just divided mine, and one called 'Black Dragon' ,which should also be very dark, so waiting for those to open. 


Busy Lizzie - same for me with the emails. Might you have accidentally stopped them by tapping on to the wrong link of the three GW send us in their email notifications?

Mind you, since mine have disappeared too I suspect GW website is 'up to something'.

The potty gardener

More wonderful pics. I love poppies but don't know where I could grow them.

Rodgy-dodge your garden looks good

Keep all those wonderful pics comming please


Had our first garden club outing tonight at Holmes Farm Plants Ayrshire Scotland here's some photo's 





Tim Burr wrote (see)


I don't recall the name of the Clematis. 

It looks like Dr Ruppel.


Ok some pics, here's the clematis I have no idea of the name of!

 my lovely lupin common as, but I do love it.

 Some of my mad aquilegia, some are singles, some doubles and some triples, all in a lovely purple/blue

 good old papaver, never lets me down.

 more aquilegia

 my lovely broom, 2/3 collapsed after rain a few weeks back, it's too big for the border so was going to go, only half flowered before it collapsed, would have been stunning. Still once it's finished I'll have more room!

 a type of rhoddy that smells fantastic, if anyone knows the variety please speak up, inherited when I bought the house.


 my bush rose about to erupt

 When unfurled, again if someone can name that rose I'd be grateful. The plant is about 4 ft high millions of buds and smells divine. It was in a pot with a huge 1 inch thick tap root going in the ground. Now had pot removed and a load of manure and decent soil around it, it's probably going to go mental, and I can't wait. Currently you can smell it from about 10 yards away, so when it enjoys it's new spot, hopefully the flowers will increase substantially.

 I'll try and stick more up as things happen. Really enjoy seeing other people's ideas and successes! Gives me hope and heart..



bah looks like my photos were above the size limit, late now, I'll try to resize when I get up.. toodles


georgeous pics everyone! FG that iris is beautiful


Am I being impatient? I don't really 'do' bedding plants but I did put some nastutiums in a tub this year...they are still only 20cm/8" high, when should they grow and flower? Thanks.

Gardening Grandma

Here are some pics of my tiny pride and joy. (The garden I mean, of course.


Sorry about this being on its side - the technology defeated me. This rose is gorgeous this year. It was gift and I've lost the name.

 Here's one side of the front garden.

Part of the back garden - the lawn is now gone and I'm planting it as a herbaceous border. The plant in the foreground is an inula - it didn't do well in the ground so I tried it in a pot. It will be six feet tall later, with yellow flowers.


 I bought this rose as an unnamed plant but I think it is gorgeous. Think it is probably an earlier English rose.

This is rosa banksiae at 3 years old! I'm beginning to think of it as the triffid!


Just an aquilegia that took my fancy.







It's looking great GG. Love the soft romantic look of the front garden.