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I was looking at Miss Bateman in a nursery the other day and it was white, not a hint of pink, perhaps the flower goes pink with time?






I'm rather lucky, residing in a terraced cottage, built c1840, extremely long, 200 ft plus, but narrow, around 25 ft.  Garden is level with first floor, so sitting room is upstairs, and can see garden all year round. When we moved here 1994, the so called garden was just a tatty lawn. Now landscaped it, with veg plot incl glasshouse, east end, with 9 water butts. shed central area has 5 butts, and floral area, with some veg is nearer the home.

Whenever it rains, the water from the roof of the house, now fills my large pond via pipework, any excess goes into the man made bog garden.  

I use upside down planted wine bottles, (recycling) along the path and to make various higher levels within floral areas, from all the hanging baskets compost over the years, (which needed to go somewhere) and amazing the various ferns etc, which have just grown inside them.


Hope you enjoy these images as much as I do in the garden.




i have certainly enjoyed them sky runner along with all the other pictures on this thread, everybody's garden so different but all inspiring thank you all


Lovely skyrunner- you've worked very hard to achieve all that 

little ann - never seen green bars or pale pink on Miss Bateman- pretty sure it's always just white. Lovely anyway whatever variety it is -  all clematis are really aren't they!


Skyrunner, what an amazing job you have done; love the ferns in the bottles too



Full of exciting details skyrunner, love it 

Just watched Gardeners World and thought I post a couple of plants they featured tonight. I'd just taken these after the heavy rain we had today. I had 2 nearly empty 100 litre water butts at the weekend. Tonight they're overflowing. Iris sibirica, and Geum Mrs Bradshaw providing a good companion to the slightly drab Oriental Poppy Patty's Plum - complete with rain drops.





NickyB wrote (see)

 My Lincolnshire garden  

Thats a lovely garden, and a great size too.

The potty gardener

Skyrunner what a wonderful garden. It must take you ages to keep it looking so good

Quercus beautiful pics thank you for sharing


I love those irises q-r. Mine aren't nearly out yet

Thank you Bev.

Nut, I thought all my plants were late - just got my first paeony flowering yesterday - Buckeye Belle. 



Nickybe, how did you manage to haexit text showing on your image. Wrote in the text box for my images, sadly none appeared. Must have green fingers!!!



skyrunner.. love he path in the 5th picture down..  is it just odd pacing you found or is it bought that way..

it is same sort of thing i am after for my garden.


beautiful gardens everyone.

QR my peonies (in Yorkshire) have just finished, but I haven't had as many flowers this year.




Love looking at this thread.  Skyrunner, your garden is so pretty, and packed full of plants - just the way I like them.  Love your path too.  QR your close ups are wonderful  - I love buckeye belle, the colour is so incredibly rich (mine opened its buds this week too, after keeping me in suspense for weeks).

and welcome Nicky B - you too have a lovely space.  Gardening with small children (and a bump!) is a whole new challenge - how do you manage??


Skyrunner, if you have a laptop with photos on it you upload the photo here then you write the text under it on your message. The one on Leadfarmer's post is because he's used the Quote facility.

Deanos Diggin It

Hi guy's n gals! Back briefly height of the season on all that! Work too!  

But progress is being made! 

 Only patchy! But getting there! 

 An experiment I carried out last tear as paid dividends! 

How many flowers n eventually strawberries shall that yield? 


 N last but not least! The Tomato n chilli house is ready to go! 


Deano you are incredibly neat and tidy- is your house the same! 

That's a cracking bed of strawbs- you should have got them going earlier and  supplied Wimbledon next weekend - think of the money you'd have made! 

qr- I love that Peony against the Cotinus. Lovely colour combination 

Deanos Diggin It

 Don't ya just love sunny day's?

 Yeah! I know! Has Gardeners! We should not be planting "Buzzie Lizzie's" this year! 

But I have!