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John H, Thankyou vey much for all that very precise info. I shall write it up and deliver to him over next few days. Again, thank you.


Good luck with it art. Always best to go about it the nice way to start with. Your garden's so much more than just a collection of plants or a sum of money spent. Hope you get a good resolution. 


Same from me Art



Me too 

We have a mizzly drizzly Midsummer Day here  in Norfolk at the moment, but I thought I'd take some pics of the garden anyway. 





 I'm really pleased as this time last year we'd only just started planting 


Looks great Dove - isn't it amazing how quickly things establish? Do you get much time to sit on your nice seat!

And that naughty Verd didn't come and do your grass the other day after he promised...tut tut 

The potty gardener

Dove that looks really lovely. A bit of sunshine is needeed to sit on the seat and enjoy it


I know the feeling Dove, the progress in my garden is really satisfying after only three years of proper attention.

I only wish I had planted the bottom end of my garden with trees and shrubs ten years ago so that by now I would have the maturity it lacks. Alas, as is my nature, my choices then would probably have been random and I'd be contemplating digging them up for a more sophisticated look as my garden slowly fills, so my choices are more specific.

I really love your chives and fennel, I've just bought the purple version that I need to place at some point and what is that upright plant with the spears of reddish pinkish flowers? If they are red, I want it badly.


Thank you all for your good wishes.

Dove I love your garden; 2nd and 3rd photos, are they Acanthus in the foreground?


those plants in Dove's 2 and 3 look like echiums.


Yes, echium russicum - the bees love them.  

Good luck Artjak.  You must complain or it will happen again.

Now and then I see,the council guys walking and spraying weedkiller on pavements etc.  some of them are,so "casual" and just uneducated about what they are using.  My front borders a pavement and a few years back I astounded one guy by taking his picture and stating I would sue both him and the coumcil for any plant losses.  The picture had the date and time on it too

Got to stand up for ourselves 


I like those echiums Dove. Might be about to go back on my no seed sowing next year statement. I was going to have a no seed year so I didn't have babies in pots to see  through the summer

Cornwall is full of the giant echiums....20' tall in some cases.  



Good luck Art. That's the wonder of forums, there is usually some one who can give sensilble advice if asked on the right threads



Good luck from me too, Art; glad you feel more armed now. Good idea of Verdun to take photos.

Some useful homespun philosophy contained in all the good advice and support coming your way:

"Expect the best while preparing for the worst" (= plan A and plan B)




 not mine my daughter just sent picture