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Bev,  lovely slide show from your first picture of clematis!

What is the plant in your second picture? It's stunning - the little star shaped flowers seem to be shining out from the rich dark background like galaxies or supernovi in space!

I think I'd like one. Are you growing it inside or out? I can't quite tell and I was wondering what sort of conditions it likes.


I planted morning glory out about a week ago, they are growing ok but the leaves have gone yellow. They are in compost but I haven't given any feed. Any suggestions please?


I think it's because the nights have been so cold - not a good year for Morning Glories


I've found that Morning Glory does like a feed, but they also like warmth.


Hmmm, the worst affected ones are in little pots half way up the 'totem pole' so will be a bit cold at night, maybe I'll put some garden fleece around them, and give them a nice cup of coco...



Birdy - looks like one of the dark Sambucus (Elder) that Bev has. Might be 'Black Lace' which is quite a popular variety and easy to get hold of. I'm sure she'll let you know though!

Thought I'd put a pic on of my fence as I've done a bit more - it'll be finished one day

 and from the other angle



brilliant work FG well done


Good job Fairygirl,this looks very impressive,can see from pics how much work you have had to do.Soon be finished I hope.

John Harding

Very professional looking job FG. is it just me or does the silhoette of the planting at the right jhand end of second picture look like a woman holding the fence up? 


I see what you mean John! Someone will need to hold me up soon never mind the fence! Some of that is in gardens across the other side of the footpath. Ground looks quite level but it isn't totally. Got a gate to put in next to house which I've almost finished and the 3 tall posts in first pic have to be cut at ground level and moved  Did the short one today which had to be dug out and moved because it wouldn't have been tall enough to reuse if I'd cut it. It was hard work - and a lot more concrete. 

I'm having a cup of tea now and some choccy bix 

The potty gardener

Birdy Fairygirl was right- it's a Sambucus Black Lace. I love the pink with the dark background. Afraid I can't tell you what it likes- it will grow big but I will keep it pruned as it is in a pot.There are probably other people on here who can give more help.

Fairygirl that fence is really something to be proud of- it's amazing. I can see that woman John is talking about


Took a few photos today in between the showers with the new camera, no idea what the poppy is, it just arrived with another variety which unfortunately has no petals after the wind blew them all off







John Harding

Nice pics Fred#60. unfortunately the file sizes are too big and they will not enlarge when we click on each pic to see them more clearly. Screen just goes blank and the title across the top reads max at the end which basically means too large. What camera do you have? I've just invested in a Panasonic TZ40 which is brilliant but I have to decrease picture quality to 3 mp and then in photoshop set the pixels to 1024x768. Pics then upload fine. John H



FG and Bev, thanks for identifying Sambucus Black Lace.

If it is an elder does that mean will could have 'terrorist' inclinations like ground elder? (I knocked myself up waging war on the ground elder over the last few days and have been out of gardening action as a result. Wouldn't want to bring it reinforcements!)

But it still is a beautiful plant - perhaps I could keep it prisoner in a pot? 


no relation birdy, don't worry. Just leaves a simlar shape


Hi John, it`s a canon eos kiss x5 which is an 600d in Europe, it`s 18mp unfortunately so well above 3mp.


nut's right re the Sambucus Birdy - no Triffid-style monster fortunately - just a lovely shrub!

Lovely foliage on them - if you like finely cut Acers you'd probably like these. Similar 'feel' to them.


Thanks Nut and FG for reassurance on Sambucus.