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Clivealive wrote (see)

Wintersong the Calla Lily in my photo is called Picasso if you are interested. Clive




Lovely garden Leo, packed with interest


Leo: lovely healthy looking pear in foreground. It looks about the same stage of development as my Conference (about 3 years old) which is at last producing a few pears. Is yours a Conference?

In spite of being self-fertile, each year until now the few tiny pears mine's flowers produced all fell off. I heard somewhere else that this was similat to the experience of some other gardeners. Did this happen to your pear last year? I was wondering whether it was...

(a) weather? (b) depleted bee population? (c) feeding? Any ideas?



Clive have you got a pic of the black Calla lily?  I will be coveting that! 

Have to get that lovely whitefoxglove too....

Will get one for you asap Fairygirl. 


Birdy, my well established pear tree did nothing last year; first time in the 12 years that I've been here. It seemed to be frost.

Leo, love your garden, there are areas so packed with flowers that it could be a traditional cottage garden.


green fingered finch

Wow, such perfect specimens of plants. Mine are mostly half eaten and covered in aphids 


Artjak: thanks for yr feedback on pear tree. Lets hope these long awaited pears will stay on the tree!  

Leo,,great garden.  Loads of skill and passion there......lots of love and dedication to achieve such a standard

Hi Green fingered finch it's too cold up here in Yorkshire for aphids etc too survive. Hence our plants are intact!! We struggle to grow anything too exotic though. 


Clivealive , my Yorkshire aphids must be hardier than yours cos they're alive n kickin'.


Leo- lovely garden Do you get much time to sit on your nice bench and admire it! 

Thanks Clive - would be great if you could get a pic of the black calla. I love really dark flowers and architectural plants so that calla fits the bill on both counts.

Hi Mrs Garden, I'm on the top edge of the Colne Valley, Huddersfield and between the wind and the rain not much survives here! Could do with some ladybirds this year tho as our new Gentle Hermione rose (the most amazing scent) has managed to attract a few greenfly that we wipe away every few days. Blitzed the slugs and snails as soon as the snow disappeared this year by nightly physical "search and destroy" missions and so far we have managed to keep on top of them. We employ the usual beer traps, upturned grapefruit halves etc too and touch wood we have suffered hardly any munching!!

Fairygirl I will certainly get a photo for you. I'm not back in UK from Finland til next weekend but if Lindsey gets a free minute before then I will get her to email me a pic and post it on here. I chatted to her on video Skype this afternoon and she gave me a quick tour round the garden! Despite the inclement weather everything was looking very bright and healthy if a little windswept.



Birdy, make sure it is watered in dry spells and a bit of general plant food may be a good idea?


CliveA - I had my honeymoon in Finland by a lake. Loved it. Off to Iceland next week for anniversary.

Busy today but will post photos tomorrow as getting a bit obsessed! (garden not hols).


Leo wake2

thanks for all the comments the pear tree i got from my neighbor last year so know nothing about it most off the smaller pears have fallen off
i too have a green fly problem due to the lack of ladybugs this year have not seen 1

had loads out the front last year where are they


Artjak:  thanks for advice.


Garden has grown a lot while I've been away. Unfortunately so have the weeds and some plants, like delphiniums have outgrown their stakes.