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Nice garden busy L.  

John Harding

Love your garden BL; are the yellow plants in pic 1 Erymurus? I grew some once from seed and slugs took the lot

Borders are brill & the Clematis are stunning, what a lovely show.


BusyL, I swear I can smell your garden

The potty gardener

Lizzie all is growing beautifully. It was really nice meeting you whilst you were here



...I do love your borders Busy-Lizzie.... is that Clematis 'Etoile Violette' in full bloom there...? if so it's well in front of mine, which is in bud but no flowers yet... in a few days I think... it's very late this year - almost a month behind...

..I see you have a nice Phygelius out too...


Thank you everyone. Yes, John, they are Eremurus coming out. It was great to meet you too, Bev. Salino, I don't know the name, a friend gave me the cutting and she'd forgotten. I like the name Etoile Violette and it does look like that.


Gorgeous Lizzie - isn't it nice to go away for a while and have your garden surprise you when you get back


Lovely garden B-L.  The clematis is lovely.  In fact, it's all lovely.

A few pictures of my garden to share with you's small but it's mine






Why do some photos enlarge when you click on them and some don't? Does it make a difference if you use a phone i pod or camera or is it the machine you sent them by, laptop, mac or i pod etc? I use a camera and a laptop and mine enlarge when I click on them, but do they enlage for anyone else clicking on them?

Hi Busy-Lizzie I'm viewing this on my iPhone today and if I give a long tap on your photos (not a quick tap which just enlarges the page or a hold down which gives you the option to "save the image" etc) then it enlarges the photo by opening it in another browser page. Very lovely they are too!! I'm after a clematis like that to grow through a lilac tree but I want one that flowers later so that once the lilac had finished flowering the clematis fills it with colour again. I think a white lilac would look great with a contrasting dark clematis like yours. 


Thanks daisyhc and bl, love seeing your pics. No idea about enlarging pics sorry.


A few things from my garden.

 Killing off the A. Mollis

 Don't know what this, view of spike next


 Bulbs need taking out of pots




Tad too close together.


 Waiting for free Cosmos to have some flowerheads.


Don't think I was meant to grow flowers, I'm having a problem downsizing some pics, so they will enlarge, all problem ones seem to be flower ones. I do have some Clematis and pretty stuff, honest. Paint box keeps saying it can't save them and then wipes them out. Must be me.



KEF your photos do enlarge. I like the way you have the veg growing in with the flowers, cottage gardeny but with a nice lawn.


Thanks BL, these pics will enlarge and some others that I haven't posted won't..dunno why. Nice lawn ?? ..good job they don't enlarge stuff only. Just wish I had your talent and garden. In fact same for most of pictures on here. Just put these on so you knew I actually had a garden


nice one KEF, I see your phormium is going to flower,


Nut, do you think it is a phormium ? I'm not sure. Had phormiums before, a lot nicer looking plants, but always a bit tender in Yorks if planted in the ground. The trifid is very tough has inflexible leaves, but not sharp, tough as old boots, no die back, not bothered by hard frosts, been buried and flattened by snow, almost drowned, never fed, and had lumps dug away from base. Doesn't produce any basal off shoots.

It arrived about 15yrs ago in a pot with a phormium, that we were given when GC flooded. We potted it on and it remained smallish in a pot for 10yrs. Then I stuck it in the garden and that's the result. Horrid orange flower thing but I haven't the heart to dig it out.

Haven't found anything in books quite like it, would like to be able to give it a name.


Phormium tenax, tall grey-green leaves. Not as decorative as those that are cvs of cookianum (?) but more likely to be there at the end of winter. Lost mine after the -15C winter, it couldn't take that