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Fairygirl wrote (see)

Are those foxtail lilies in your second pic? They look very good.



 P.S Great gardens everyone! Keep those pictures coming. I never get bored you know

The potty gardener

Some pics I took today.

Love the dark acer with orange lilies

 Love the in your face colour

 A new lily to me Tango Tigerplay

 My fuchsia basket starting to flower

 A new fuchsia I haven't had before marinka


John Harding

Great Pictures BL, and a nice tidy garden.

We've had the landscape Gardeners in all this week so lawn is now patchy where we stood some pots etc which we'd had on the patio (now replaced) + I made the mistake of laying the glass patio table top on the lawn for a couple of hours and burn't a big circle in the grass!! . Greenhouse produce is the best this year that I've ever had in 47 years at this property. It's a new Robinson GH I bought myself as a birthday prezzie last October. Courgettes have now taken over and I'm picking 5 or 6 a day. Made a courgette bake last weekend: Courgettes, Tomatoes, Garlic, Creme Fraiche, & a topping of Gluten Free breadcrumbs, Parmesan, Gruyere, Olive oil & fresh herbs - really yummy. All had to be gluten free because our daughter & grand-daughters are Coeliacs but it really was delicious. Yum Yum!

PS: link to the recipe =‎    I just changed the breadcrumbs to G/Free



LG - oh you're pics are soooo beautiful, love the acer/lily combo.


Bright orange works so well with deep plummy reds and purples doesn't it? Lovely pix Bev. Orange is one of those colours that people either seem to love or hate. They make a real statement though.  I had 2 big pots of orange lilies either side of conservatory doors at last house 


Bev, lovely pics, fantastic orange lily.

John Harding

Fabulous pics LG, love the colours, particularly the Orange against the Acer. Second pic almost looks as if it's on fire!

Few weeks ago posted office of the emerging flower on my yucca that I've had in a pot for several years.  This is what it looks like today....

Not sure what I expecked it to look like, but not like this.  The flower stalk is over 3 1/2  foot tall.  Unfortunately, no scent.

Posted office?  Spell checker on iPad working overtime!  I mean 'posted picture', of course!


Tim it's a cracker! The flowers are quite striking on yukkas. I love seeing flowers on these more 'exotic'  looking plants - perhaps because they don't happen quite so often so it's more of an event. Phormium flowers are terrific too if you're fortunate enough to get them. They remind me of Strelitzias.

John -you win some you lose some! You can console yourself about the burnt lawn by enjoying the fruits - literally - of your labours in the greenhouse 

Nice pics folks. Gardens are clearly enjoying this weather,too.

John Harding

Hi Fg, Have been watering the burnt lawn well each evening and green shoots can be seen pushing through already. Will try and upload some pictures and show before & after re the new patio and raised herb bed in the next couple of days although the pics I took before work commenced don't really show how bad the old patio had got. Funny how the camera doesn't always show reality!


Just had aquick look at all these lovely garden pictures. Here are some of mine, what greeted me on return home

 The rose is Veilchenbrau. It is a rambler(new) so needs pinning to wall.

 Here is my eremurus which I wasn't sure would grow surrounded by a froth of nicotiana mutabilis, with verbena bonariensis and field chrysanths. Not permanent planting!




Fabulous pics everyone!

Especially love the orange lilies and reading about all those gardening triumphs including John Harding's crop circle and courgette bake

John Harding

Ah! that made me laugh Wintersong. Here are a couple of pics of the new patio and herb bed.

1. Patio


2. Herb bed


Herbs planted so far clockwise from pointed end:

Rosemary 'Blue Lagoon' bought at Cragside Nr Morpeth June 2012

Garlic chives from Devon Farm Nursery Nr Holt, Norfolk Apr. 2013

Thyme: AKA Sainsburys herb pot!

Broad leaved sage Devon Farm Nursery Nr Holt, Norfolk Apr. 2013

Chives (home sown)

Thyme 'Hartington Silver' RHS Cardiff flower show, April 2013

Indian Mint: (Local nursery)

Garlic chives from Devon Farm Nursery Nr Holt, Norfolk Apr. 2013

Orange Scented Thyme: RHS Cardiff flower show, April 2013

Oregano: Devon Farm Nursery Nr Holt, Norfolk Apr. 2013

Thyme: AKA Sainsburys herb pot!

English Mace: RHS Cardiff flower show, April 2013

Basil: from elderly residential home greenhouse in Torquay

Purple Sage:  Devon Farm Nursery Nr Holt, Norfolk Apr. 2013

In Centre: 1. Wild Bergamot:  RHS Cardiff flower show, April 2013

               2. Oregano 'Country Cream'  RHS Cardiff flower show, April 2013

               3. Basil: AKA Sainsburys herb pot!

There is also a French Tarragon in a ceramic pot by the wall at the blunt end of the herb bed that is doing very well but I daren't put it in the herb bed as they can take over: brilliant herb to use with sauteed button mushrooms in balsamic vinegar though!

Will show the pics of the old patio soon as before & after, just looked for them and realised they are on my laptop.


Gosh, you get about John! Lovely clear photos which enlarged well. Herb bed looking very good.


Beautiful herb display, John, and it will be even lovelier next year.

Also love the Nasturtiums - same colours as mine but more sturdy. I know not to feed them because they only flower in poor soil;  so how do you get them to grow stronger? Is it just a matter of time?  Mine have been in about 3 weeks but are still flopping.

By the way, is it slate you've used for the the herb bed?

John Harding

Hi Birdy, OH says she just gathered some seed from last year and scattered it along the border then left it to do its thing: always seems to work.

The raised beds are a re-constituted stone made to look like slate. Our landscape gardener used to be foreman at the Bristol Zoo Gardens so really knows his stuff. He worked like a trojan all through the hot weather of last week - we got through lots of tea...