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Morning everyone.



Just a few pics from my garden taken over the last few days





 Hot Chocolate Rose

gravel garden.  

Have a good day, lovely to see all the different gardens thanks for sharing.


LOvely pix again everyone

 Lovetg I bet you've made good use of your pergola/seating area in this hot weather!

John the craftsmanship's fantastic on your herb bed. (Am I unusual in admiring that and not the plants!)  How's the the crop circle....very good Wintersong! 

And if it's wet do you sit on the chair in the little storage shed??


Thanks John. It really looks like slate, very effective.

Will try scattering nasturtium seed next year: looks a good way to fill some bare earth at edge of borders, provide colour (plus the occasional extra peppery flavour in salads!) 

little-anne: Lovely chrysanthemum(!) dahlia (?) (sorry I still don't know enough to identify them).

You seem to have them in a pot - can I ask do they do well all year like that, or do you have to dig up the bulbs in the autumn and replant next year?

I might try it myself because through ignorance I'm sure I've dug up or cut through some important planting my wife did in previous years and it might be a way of knowing where they are each year if I grow them in pots.


dahlias birdy its my first year but they have to be dug up and dried for storage over winter



 My veg patch is ready to go.

Tiny canna Australia showed up this morning.

Crocosmia lucifer has woken up too.

Nasturtiums and nicotiana.



Great pics recently, thanks everyone for sharing them (this was meant to go at the top of the post but I can't make it move).



Lovely pics.

Really love that shady seating area loveto garden. I have just the place for one but ..........

I tried scattering nasturtium seed but it was the variegated one and nothing came up. have plentty of plain ones though.


Thank you for that info little-ann. They're a lovely return for your first year's planting.

John Harding

Here are a couple of pics of 'before & after' ref. the new patio + a closer pic of some of the nasturtiums for Birdy.






The potty gardener

Great pics everyone. It is so nice to see other peoples gardens and get some ideas.




Thank you so much for the nastutiums pic John - they really do make a lovely splash of colour for just a sprinkling of seeds for the packet,

These are my 3 plants,


bought a market for several quid each. Note the one on the lefI refuses to stand up,



yet was the first to flower  . Any ideas why, anyone?  I now notice the other two have at last strengthened as well as overtaken the one on the left in putting out flowers. Hmm!

Next year I'll definitely use seed, though.



On a different note can anyone identify this yellowish plant for me please?

 (I think the photo may be a bit distorted)

it came from 'nothing' (ie was not visible last winter) and at first gave a nice bit of structure and colour. At first was attractive and  fairly compact but has now collapsed outward s onto everything around it:

I'd like to have it show again next year but with a bit more understanding of how to control it. I wondered at first if it was a weed but it is clearly not spreading - except by collapsing. A name might be useful if anyone recognises it. 




It's Alchemilla Mollis, sometimes known as Lady's Mantle. Lovely plant,. but can be a bit of a pain. Cut flower heads off when they start to turn brown if you don't want it to self-seed. Once you have it in your garden it will pop up every year.


It certainly can get out oh hand, I'm about to move mine and reduce it yet again ( its under the Lucifer in my middle pic earlier). Looks lovely when water settles on leaves.


Thankyou lovetogarden and Mrs Garden. I'll watch for those brown flower heads. Could I reduce to now to get it off surrounding plants, do you think, or would destroy age it in some way?

My lavender is doing something similar - spreading massively but happily. Don't want to ruin next years shape but they are all a bit out of hand smothering surrounding areas. 



Hi Birdy13 

You can trim Alchemilla if it is causing a proble, It's as tough as old boots, so trim it back to just tidy it up if you wish. It will die down in the winter and re-appear next spring.

Lavender can be tidied up after flowering,just cut the dead flower head off and trim into shape, but not to old wood as it regrows from new wood.


MrsGarden just love that planter with nasturtiums and Nicotiana. I grew some climbing ones one year. Went away for two weeks and came back to string vests  Cabbage white caterpillars all over it. Never bothered again but might now I've seen yours 

Birdy you can do most anything to Alchemilla and it won't mind. Cut off all the flower heads now if you want....look wonderful in a will probably put up more but if not it won't do it any harm. 


No, I won't cut them all off now but I will tidy it up a bit. Might find some useful space under it. Thanks for the advice.

I grew these in a box, not too bad and easy to dig up


What a great haul, they look delicious. What sort are they?